The Johan Cruyff Institute educates athletes, sport and business professionals to become Leaders in Sport Management


The Johan Cruyff Institute is a powerful blend of professors, staff and partners who share a passion for educating the next generation of leaders in the sport business for the benefit of all athletes, sport partners, organizations and the students themselves.

According to Johan Cruyff: “My vision on sport management is quite simple. I think people with a passion for sport are the best to lead sport organizations”. At the Johan Cruyff Institute we know that a passion for sport also drives education and development. Our students, from elite athletes to sport and business professionals, have one common goal: to become the next generation of leaders in sport management.

The way we bring this vision into action is based on common sense, pragmatism, intuition and optimism. We believe challenges are best faced together, in a team spirit, aiming to be knowledgeable and inspiring others for the benefit of all.

Johan Cruyff“In my opinion, athletes possess remarkable qualities. They are committed, eager to improve and goal-oriented. With these traits and the right academic training, our athletes become successful leaders in the world of Sports Management. Who better to serve the best interests of sport than someone who has the heart of an athlete?”

Johan Cruyff, Founder

Values - Johan Cruyff Institute


More than 6.000 students all over the world have experienced our online, onsite and on campus learning programs in Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Sponsorship, Coaching and Football Business. They are the next generation of leaders ready to manage sport organizations all over the globe.

Our international presence now represents 5 Johan Cruyff Institutes (postgraduate and executive education), 3 Johan Cruyff Academies (graduate education) and 5 Johan Cruyff Colleges (vocational training).

Johan Cruyff Institute Network


Our learning programs have been designed by sport industry professionals enriched by personal experiences from faculty and students. Our programs are distinctive and tailor made for the specific needs of athletes and sports professionals. The powerful learning experience, our students go through, is boosted by our learning model which is:

  • 100% Sports-oriented
  • Student-centered
  • Based on the principle of ‘Learning by doing‘
  • Flexible, diverse and using the latest technologies
  • Motivational, communicative and participative
  • Adapted to each individual’s workload and availability


Our programs are led by sports industry professionals combining teaching, research and professional practice. Through their experience and knowledge, the Johan Cruyff Institute has developed a broad variety of real-life cases, concepts, exercises and study materials for real career development.

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Johan Cruyff Institute offers students, alumni, faculty and members of our network the opportunity to connect and collaborate, to share their passion for sports and their professional expertise. We promote and facilitate continuous learning. Students can develop new skills and reach their full potential. Our vast growing international community is in this sense a large network of personal, social and professional relationships, and its’ influence expands in both the sports and business sectors.

Career Services


Our Corporate Internship Program is a natural result of the Cruyff Institute’s global network. Internships are enriching learning experiences for both organizations and students. They contribute to the professional development of the organization, and offer students the opportunity to access the world of sports, live the reality of a sports organization and apply the acquired skills and knowledge acquired.

The Johan Cruyff Institute serves as a key intermediary between potential applicants and the national and international sport business industry. Many sports organizations and businesses with job vacancies turn to the Johan Cruyff Institute when they search candidates with a ‘sport mentality’. The Johan Cruyff Institute also announces job openings and new projects in sports throughout our channels. Moreover, the Johan Cruyff Institute has a partnership with Global Sports Jobs. Both organizations want to improve the guidance of students and alumni of the Johan Cruyff Institute in the labor market through cooperation.

Job openings in the international sport market:

Johan Cruyff Institute’s social responsibility

Johan Cruyff Institute was born from the wish of its founder, Johan Cruyff, to give athletes in their transition to the business world a constructive solution through education after their retirement from professional sport.

As Johan used to say: “Alone we can’t do anything, we have to do it together.” Every year we allocate part of our budget to finance the education of athletes, through scholarships that we give to related sports entities. Our goal is to educate leaders in the sport industry who are socially responsible.

Our commitment to the professionalization of the world of sport materializes in the classrooms, both face-to-face and online, where hundreds of athletes study every year with the aim to contribute positively to society in general and in-to sport n sport in particular. Our mission is to educate people who are aware of their responsibility, both as citizens and as professionals. They are professionals of the sport, who can contribute significantly with their careers to satisfy the demands of society.

As an institution, we strive to be responsible from a social and sustainable perspective in all our fields and lines of action.

As part of our social responsibility we also support and collaborate with the Johan Cruyff Foundation.