2014 Telesport scholarship recipients

Jaap de Groot (Telesport): “Over the last 6 years we have supported students that are eager to bring the organization of sports to the next level with a scholarship. Experience has shown that athletes are well suited for that job, because they have the right drive in combination with valuable sport experience. After studying the Master at Johan Cruyff Institute, they can apply their new knowledge immediately, because the study programs are very practical and derived from sports. Just what the sports sector needs!”

Sascha Werlich: “Currently I am coaching the under 18 female rugby team. In the Master in Coaching, I want to explore more in depth what kind of coach I want to be. I will be working towards a coaching style that suits me best. My biggest dream and ambition is to become the first female coach of the national male rugby team and compete at the Olympic Games.”

Adrie Visser: ” I am very grateful that I won the Telesport scholarship for the Master in Sports Management. I am eager to start the program. I don’t know exactly what I would like to do after the Master, but track cycling is my sport and I certainly would like to contribute to the organization of it.”

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