Finding a position that really suits you

Margot Boer is a former elite ice skater, and she’s adequately equipped for a new career after sports, but “finding a position that suits you takes time”

After graduating from the Johan Cruyff Academy, I focused fully on my sport, with two bronze medals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi the reward for all my work. Then, I quickly found a nice job at a start-up in the sports medicine industry. I still want to continue to develop as a person. To find a job that really suits me perfectly will takes time.

The Master in Sport Management which I am doing now is very international, which gives me a broad perspective on sport. And the students come from home and abroad, are different ages, and both athletes and businessmen. Everyone contributes from their own area of expertise, so you learn a lot from each other as well.

I was accustomed to training with a team, but in the skating world everyone knows each other. Forming a new team with fellow students to create a Final Master Plan was initially quite a challenge. Now it’s going very well. I like to motivate my teammates and strive for open communication where everyone’s contribution counts.

Margot Boer - Finding a job position that really suits you - Johan Cruyff Institute

I am very grateful to Telesport for the Telesport scholarship. I had to apply for it, which I believe is a good thing, because most former athletes have to learn to go through those experiences after finishing their sport careers. It is also important that this Telesport support strengthens the connection between sport business and sport performance. And I’m glad that I can improve my ability for future contributions to sport through my experiences and new knowledge.

I have been in a lot of different teams during my skating career, and all were managed differently. Sometimes I missed the connection between the athletes and management. Through the Master in Sport Management, I hope that in the future I will be able to make that connection with the right background knowledge and skills to do so.

Credits & rights photo header: Margot Boer, World Cup Stavanger, Norway, 2016. Photo: Oscar van den Bosch – SchaatsFoto’s


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