Maria Danielsson: “When you’re helping others, you’re the happiest of them all!”

She defines herself as a busy bee, jack of all trades and small town girl who sparkles with creativity. This former Olympian snowboarder (women’s snowboard cross Turin 2006), has been through both success and setbacks. Thanks to her character traits and built up experience, she is able to work with her three big passions in life: board sports, handcrafts and coaching people around the world. She studied the Management Diploma for Athletes program at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Sweden.


Can you tell us more about your passions?

I am living my dream! I’m a happy, motivated, creative and grateful woman who lives an active lifestyle. I feel privileged to create my own designs as a designer through the brand ‘deelicious’. I also love to share my sport experiences with others and be able to help them, and be a source of inspiration to them. My passion for snowboarding has enabled me to work with different projects in the active lifestyle sports world. During the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014 I’m working as an expert commentator for snowboard and ski cross for Viasat, the organization that has the broadcasting rights for Scandinavia and the Baltic States.


How did the Cruyff Institute contribute to all of this?

I’m always eager to learn and this came along as a terrific opportunity at a solid institution with a good network in sport and sport business. The classes were very inspiring because all experts openly shared their viewpoints and experiences with us. The program provided me with more in-depth knowledge of the sport business, especially with economic concepts, and a better overview of the business playground! Most of all, the things I have learned about sport business have made me more self-assured, not only about what I know and can do, but also about what I still need to work on.


What are your plans for the future?

I haven’t found my lifetime goal yet, except that I want to be happy and do things that make me smile. It’s great to manage your own business, but I want to move forward. I would love to be part of something bigger for a while, use my education and creativity in team work and strive together with colleagues to reach our goals. I’m not sure what business this will be in yet. But one thing I do know: I’m going to continue to live my life in an adventurous way, aiming for happiness, creativity and helping people out. That will be my main intention. Because I know that when you are helping others, you’re the happiest of them all!

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