We work with institutions and companies that share our vision and our values: teamwork, the desire to succeed and respect. These values, typical in sport, are reflected in the personal and professional skills that are also essential for success in the business world. Together with our institutional, academic and client company partners, we create synergies for the mutual transfer of knowledge and talent, resulting in educational projects for the benefit of the company and the sports industry in general.


We establish agreements with our corporate partners in different areas:

Transfer of knowledge

As a corporate partner of Johan Cruyff Institute, your company, club or federation can contribute to the creation of educational content through the development of practical case studies, lectures, visits and research projects that facilitate the transfer of knowledge from the Johan Cruyff Institute to the entity or company , and vice versa.

Transfer of talent

Our corporate partners can access the Johan Cruyff Institute talent through the External Placement and Career Services Program. Our students and alumni use these services continuously.

Scholarship fund and sponsorship

Corporate partners can also contribute to and support the development of talent through participation in our Scholarship Fund. Each academic year we establish a fund for promising students with difficulties to finance their studies.

Some of our corporate partners:


If your sports entity or company wants to train certain groups within the organization (technicians, middle managers, managers, directors,etc.) in specific areas, we can design training programs to fit your needs (format, duration, content and modality, among others).

The customized  training projects proceed as follows:

  • We analyze the specific training needs within your organization.
  • We present a proposal with a rough design and a budget.
  • We design the training according to your specifications: objectives, content, methodology, duration, modality (face-to-face and/or online) and evaluation.
  • We provide and coordinate the training: sessions, campus (virtual), materials, attending to participants.
  • We continuously evaluate and measure the results of the training.

Some of our clients of customized training projects:


Johan Cruyff Institute collaborates with different academic institutions globally in areas such as the co-design of study plans, accreditations, lines of applied research, e-learning technology, student and teacher exchange programs, and the organization of conferences and conventions.

Our academic partners:


If you are interested in establishing a partnership with Johan Cruyff Institute, or would like to request a customized training project, please contact us at: jci@cruyffinstitute.org.