The Johan Cruyff College offers elite athletes from all kinds of sport an opportunity to balance sport with vocational education (The Netherlands: ‘mbo’). The programs of the Cruyff College are designed for students who practice sport at the highest levels in The Netherlands, and are delivered in Dutch. There are four Johan Cruyff Colleges in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, Enschede, Groningen and Roosendaal. Each Johan Cruyff College is part of a Regional Education Centre or ‘ROC’, academic centers that are administered by the Dutch government.


The Johan Cruyff College prepares students to work at operational levels in sport marketing or in sport activities.

Graduates in “Sport & Business” (sport marketing) can apply for a job as a commercial assistant, sales representative or event organizer at a sport-related company, sports club, sport federation or a sport department.

Graduates in “Sport & Coaching” (sport activities) can work as an instructor or (personal) trainer at fitness centers, sports clubs, (public) schools and community centers. They can give training and/or provide classes in the field of sport and exercise and are also responsible for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of training.

Many continue their studies at the Johan Cruyff Academy, which offers a study program in Sport Marketing. In general, many graduates prolong their studies at a Hogeschool, a Dutch university of applied science.


The Johan Cruyff College offers study programs that are exclusively designed for elite athletes* who practice sport at the highest level in The Netherlands. It is a challenge to balance high level sport with full-time studies. That is why the student-athletes have to show discipline and responsibility, just as in their sport. Also, they have to plan and organize ahead and communicate intensively with their school and sport.

* NOTE: Many student-athletes start at a very young age with this academic career. The Johan Cruyff Colleges also admit – under certain circumstances – sport talents: young athletes who, given their age and talent, have a good chance to reach the national top in the near future.


The Johan Cruyff College offers programs within two domains:

  • Sport & Business: Sport Marketing & Communication
  • Sport & Coaching: Trainer/Coach Sport & Activities

Note that the delivery of programs might vary per Johan Cruyff College. Contact the Johan Cruyff College of your choice to find out the exact program on offer.


Most teachers of the Johan Cruyff College have a sporting background and/or have extensive experience in sport business. Their affinity with the practice and business of sport makes them equipped to guide elite athletes since they share a drive to excel in sport and studies.

The Johan Cruyff Colleges work closely together. If a student has to move, due to their sport or other circumstances, they can make a transfer from one Johan Cruyff College to another.


Johan Cruyff College