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In collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, Telesport is offering two scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year: one for the Master in Sport Management and one for the Master in Coaching. By doing so, Telesport contributes to the mission of the Johan Cruyff Institute to educate the next generation of leaders in sport management.

The scholarships will be granted to two (former) elite athletes or coaches. Jaap de Groot, chief editor of Telesport says: “As a close follower of Dutch top-level sports, I have criticized the management of sport organizations and clubs on a regular basis. From the start of the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, Telesport saw it as its moral duty to contribute to improving the level of sport management in the Netherlands. Dutch sport needs professionals who not only understand the sport itself, but also the management side of sport organizations. Well-educated athletes and coaches are best suited for this purpose, and therefore Telesport will again offer two scholarships.”

Dutch elite athletes and coaches like Merijn Zeeman, Laurens ten Dam (both cycling), Herre Zonderland (gymnastics), Margot Boer, Wouter olde Heuvel (both speedskating), Inge Dekker and Sebastiaan Verschuren (both swimming) received Telesport scholarships in the past.

Johan en Herre Zonderland - Johan Cruyff InstituteHerre Zonderland studied the Master in Sport Management in 2011-12 and says: “Thanks to the scholarship from Telesport, I was able to study a Master at the Johan Cruyff Institute in which I was stimulated to analyze sport and sport organizations more strategically. This was a challenging and interesting process for me. Thanks to 17 years’ experience as an elite athlete, I was already familiar with one side of sport, and during the studies I was able to add a management perspective to that inside knowledge. It made me able to develop a broader perspective on sport strategies. Now I can truly say that both sides of sport are amazing and full of challenges!”


Interested to apply for a scholarship?
If you are a (former) elite athlete or coach (living in the Netherlands), and you have the ambition to fulfill a management or coaching role in the sport sector, or you are already working in sport and would like to have greater knowledge and skills, please contact us and you might win a scholarship to study a Master at the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam.

Please send us your CV and motivation letter (maximum 350 words) for one of the Master programs before June 12, 2018 to

Please send your documents in Dutch if you are interested for the Dutch edition of the Master in Coaching.

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