Cruyff academic network event in Groningen with the theme ‘Performance under Pressure’

Students of the Johan Cruyff College and the Johan Cruyff Academy in Groningen will explore the theme ‘Performance under Pressure’ at a Cruyff academic network event on April 18

Dutch elite artistic gymnast Céline van Gerner, two-time Olympian and bronze medalist at the 2018 European Championships, currently studying the Master in Coaching at the Johan Cruyff Institute with a Telesport scholarship, will examine ‘Performance under Pressure’ with the students of the Johan Cruyff College and the Johan Cruyff Academy in Groningen. She will be the special guest and opening act of an event that will be held on April 18 in the city.

Gymnastics is one of the most psychologically and physically demanding sports – nagging injuries, high expectations, performing to perfection, and a great deal of intense conditioning at a very young age for sure must be toughening.

“We are very interested in hearing Céline’s story,” says Afien Bouwman, teacher at the Johan Cruyff College and one of the organizers of the event. “Since every athlete will have to perform under pressure at certain moments in their sport career, her vast experience in gymnastics and performing will be of interest for the entire student population of the Johan Cruyff College and the Johan Cruyff Academy.”

Céline’s story will set the path for a day full of workshops and masterclasses about ‘Performance under Pressure’ for the approximately 100 students who will be attending the event. “We have asked a sport psychologist, a physiotherapist, a sport & business adviser, a yoga instructor and a sport management expert to each design a lecture or workshop about the theme, so participants will have an opportunity to pick the two classes that suit them best,” says Bouwman.

The event is also an opportunity for socializing and networking, and to reflect on the legacy of Johan Cruyff. “We are spread over three locations in the city of Groningen,” explains Bouwman, “where our students of the Johan Cruyff Academy and the Johan Cruyff College study different career paths in sport marketing, sport business or sport coaching, respectively. This meeting gives us an opportunity to celebrate Johan Cruyff’s legacy together, and to meet and mingle, and get to know each other a bit better.”

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