Feyenoord and Vitesse started using their scholarships from Johan Cruyff Institute

Players and staff of Feyenoord and Vitesse have started their online programs in Sport Management and Football Business after winning the scholarships awarded at the Dutch Super Cup

The 14 scholarships from Johan Cruyff Institute awarded to players and staff of the Dutch clubs Feyenoord and Vitesse have now been assigned. The new students, which includes Feyenoord’s international player, Jens Toornstra, have already begun their programs in Sport Management Fundamentals and Football Business Fundamentals, both online.

Seven players from Vitesse’s lower categories and the person at Feyenoord who is in charge of fan relations have started the Football Business Fundamentals course. Jens Toornstra and five employees at Feyenoord have chosen to enroll on the Sport Management Fundamentals course.

Feyenoord and Vitesse, the Dutch League and Cup champions in 2017, respectively, faced each other on August 5 in the first game of the Dutch Super Cup, which was named the Johan Cruyff Shield in 1996. The Federation took advantage of that fixture to pay homage to Johan Cruyff. The Johan Cruyff Institute wanted to join in the celebration by putting into practice the academic initiative of Johan’s legacy: training athletes and sports managers in order to professionalize the world of sport. The 14 cholarships that were granted to the clubs at that moment now have names and surnames.


Johan Cruyff Institute uses a rich learning environment that fosters educational tools based on a student interaction model. We aim for a mix of students from sports and business sectors, which also enables students to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. Through ‘Cruyffian’ teaching methods the students will engage actively in creative challenges that require effort, commitment and intuitive thinking. Visit the web pages to find out more about our programs, which we deliver in English, for example:

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