Johan Cruyff Institute present at International Master Congress

Johan Cruyff Institute will participate at the fair on March 17 and 18 in Amsterdam with a booth and two worksops about positioning yourself

Johan Cruyff always knew perfectly how to choose his position, both in the team and in the game. The Cruyffian workshop ‘How to position yourself?’ is about how to get an insight in which position you can perform maximally. It does not matter if it is about performing in a team or managing, having a job interview or setting a personal goal. In all cases you need to know how to position yourself.

On Friday 17 and Saturday 18 March, the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam will be present at the International Master Congress in the RAI Amsterdam, the career fair for visitors with a bachelor or master degree, with and without working experience. During the congress, you can get to know the different universities and participate in workshops that can help you exploring your possibilities for a Master.

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam will be present with a stand on both days (number 77) and Henk Verschuur, the manager of the Institute, will give two ‘Cruyffian’ workshops: ‘How to position yourself?’ On March 17, Henk will be given his workshop at 10.30-11.30 in room G104, and on March 18, at 13.00-14.00 in room G107.

Henk will give insight in how you can position yourself better based on a Cruyffian method combined with a taste of top sport. Henk about the workshop: “It is important that you know how you position yourself for everything. If you don’t have clear where you stand relative to which and what happens around you, you are actually ‘the object’ without knowing it. Have you ever had a job interview, given a presentation or did an oral exam that made you think afterwards “I wish I would have said this and this and this instead of …?” How often do you wonder “where do I stand?” after completing your studies? It would have been different if you could see in advance how you were positioned, because the difference between being ‘the object’ or ‘the first person singular’ is big.”

For more information about the International Master Congress, please click here (information in Dutch)

The International Master Congress is part of The National Career Fair (“De Nationale Carrière Beurs”). Information in Dutch:
Johan Cruyff Institute present at International Master Congress

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