All you need to know about Sport Sponsorship

In a world of co-creation and cooperation, why do 57% of the Sponsorship Managers ask exclusivity?

Around 57% of Sponsorship Managers identified Category Exclusivity as the most important sponsor right to secure. In a world of co-creation and collaboration, why is exclusivity still so important for a sponsor? This is one of many current topics that will be discussed during a brand new sponsorship program: ‘Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World’. The Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam has developed this original, pragmatic and ‘Cruyffian‘ learning experience.

The Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World program aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of sponsorship management and the necessary skills to develop a professional career in the world of sport sponsorship. The program has been developed by Richard Denton, professor of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam since 2012. The Englishman has an impressive CV after working with Philips, Heineken, the Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon and Formula 1.

All you need to know about Sport Sponsorship - Johan Cruyff InstituteAccording to Richard sponsorship professionals nowadays “need a balance between the strategic and operational skill sets of the business. Understanding the marketing strategy of a sport organization, team or sponsor and how this can be translated into an effective sponsorship plan to achieve specific goals or objectives. This requires market insights, selecting and negotiating the best package of rights, developing authentic and relevant activations and operational excellence to deliver customer satisfaction.”

“Professionals need a 360 vision on sponsorship because all elements of the sponsorship mix influence the success or outcome of the sponsorship,” Richard continues. “It helps to be aware of all different areas even if you operate in one or two areas.”

Richard will be supported by some interesting guest speakers throughout the program. The program starts in September 14th and will be finished by the end of November. The course will be given in English and consists of eight sessions; on campus in Amsterdam and at sporting events, and will even bring you to England for a 2-day study trip to London.

For more information or to sign up for the Information Session, you can send an email to

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