New academic year with more students than ever

Start of Master in Sport Management, Master in Coaching and the new program ‘Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World’ with 73 students

On September 13 and 14, the new academic year of the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam kicked off with three programs: the Master in Sport Management (photo header), the Master in Coaching and the brand new program ‘Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World’. The 64 new students of the Master in Sport Management and the Master in Coaching met each other during the introduction day at the Frans Otten Stadium in Amsterdam on Wednesday 13th. The 11 students who signed up for the new sponsorship program started one day later.

This year there are 44 national and international students enrolled in the Master in Sport Management. Once again, it is a mixed group with university graduates, business and sport professionals, international students and (former) top athletes. For example, former elite Olympic swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren, FC Utrecht player Mark van der Maarel, former basketball player and chairman of the Ricardo van Rhijn Foundation Germain Henriquez, and business professionals from, among others, Albert Heijn, Under Armour, ABN Amro, adidas and ING, all started on Wednesday.

Besides the new students, we are also very happy to add two ‘new’ professors to the team of the Master in Sport Management, who stand out for their interesting profiles: Edwin Gerritsen, event manager at Ajax, and Paul ten Hag, managing director of co-operation for the Eredivisie women’s football league and former director of facilities & sport services at Nike. Both professors were already responsible for the study program ‘Sport & Facility/Event Management’, but they will now also organize the new module ‘Facility & Event Management’ of the Master. The Master in Sport Management has also been complemented with a new module: Data, Technology & Digitalization.

Master in Coaching 2017-2018 - Johan Cruyff Institute

Students Master in Coaching 2017-2018

The Master in Coaching starts with 20 students this year, including professional cyclist Laurens Ten Dam, head coach of the Dutch indoor football team Max Tjaden, head coach of the Dutch water polo youth team Arjan Vos (who is also studying the Master in Sport Management), and assistant head of youth training at Feyenoord Glenn van der Kraan.

The program of the Master in Coaching does not only attract sport coaches, but is also very suitable for managers and professionals who want to lead their team in a ‘Cruyffian’ way like, for example, the performance analyst at football club NEC Nijmegen and hockey club Den Bosch, a personal trainer, a professional from the financial world, a vitality coach and two Dutch teachers.

We also have a scoop this year: the new program Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World. The module has been designed by sport marketing guru and professor Richard Denton and is meant to provide sponsorship and marketing professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills so that they can (further) develop their professional career in the world of sport sponsorship. On Thursday, the group kicked off the program, and includes former Olympic speed skater Renate Groenewold, employees of football clubs RKC Waalwijk and FC Twente and sport professionals from KPN, ABN Amro, Unicef and ING.

We wish all our students a wonderful, educational and unique year!

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