Basic information

  • Academic degree: The Fast Track Program for International Sport Management from Johan Cruyff Institute
  • Duration: 7 months; 4,5 months On Campus in Amsterdam plus 10 weeks online (parallel or consecutive, plan your own learning path in time). 30 ECTS (weekly dedication of 10-12 hours).
  • Start: October 2024 and March 2025
  • End: March 2025 and August 2025
  • Schedule:

    Wednesdays from 14.00h-17.00h and 18.00h-21.00h. Site visits to sport entities will take place on Fridays or Saturdays

  • Place:

    Sport locations in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. International study trip to Barcelona

  • Modality: 3 modules On Campus and 1 or 2 courses Online
  • Language: English
  • Price: The total price of the program is € 7,150.-, comprising an admission fee of € 615.-, and a tuition fee of € 6,535.-, all including VAT. The study fees include a 3-day study trip (excl. flight ticket) and mentoring sessions. Fees for the academic year 2024-25
  • Payment methods: Payment by installments available; ask for the conditions
  • Special conditions: Discount for alumni and members of related entities
  • Enrollment: Registration open until the start of the program. Limited places available

The program may be subject to change.
The institution reserves the right to cancel the edition of the program if it does not meet the minimum number of students.


The sports industry, representing 1% of global GDP and over 2% within the EU, with the Dutch market valued at €12.7 billion, is a significant economic player. Its growth has led to new jobs and a demand for specialized professionals in sports event management, facilities, and organizations. The industry’s evolution, driven by technology and entrepreneurship, necessitates knowledgeable professionals.

The Fast Track Program for International Sport Management is meticulously crafted to provide a dynamic blend of in-person and online learning experiences, offering unparalleled flexibility and a holistic educational journey. At the core of the program, classes are conducted by expert faculty who boast significant ties to the sports industry. These sessions are further augmented by masterclasses led by distinguished guest lecturers renowned in the world of sport management, ensuring a rich tapestry of academic and practical knowledge.

The program aims to provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of sport management and the necessary skills for a professional career in the world of sport. On completion of the program, participants will find themselves fully prepared to access a wide variety of business opportunities that await in the international sports industry.


We have designed The Fast Track Program close to business reality, which offers you the vision to
recognize business opportunities and anticipate changes.

These are the main objectives of The Fast Track Program for International Sport Management:

  • To obtain a strategic vision of the sports industry from a business perspective.
  • Create new market opportunities through entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Use the most innovative practices in sports marketing and develop effective branding and sponsorship strategies.
  • Lead professional teams and obtain the best results from them.
  • Interpret the financial statements of a sports organization and create financing strategies for new projects and ventures.
  • Optimize the management of sports facilities and events.

Those who complete the program will emerge fully prepared to access a wide variety of business opportunities that await in the international sport industry, whether managing a company or organization, directing a club or sport facility, or even starting their own company.

Aimed at

If you believe that the exchange of ideas multiplies talent and you want to educate yourself in a cosmopolitan environment, wait until you meet your classmates. Throughout the program in Amsterdam, you will work with –and learn from– colleague-students from different cultures, countries and professional backgrounds, who share a common passion for sport.

The Fast Track Program for International Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam is for you, if:

  • You are an athlete or former athlete who is looking for academic training in management to give your professional career a boost.
  • You have know-how in the sport management sector and would like to formalize your experience with a Master, boost your future and/or expand your network.
  • You wish to complete your education with a postgraduate degree specializing in sport management to create a future for yourself in the sport industry.
  • You are working in the business sector and wish to focus your career in the sport industry.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSTo be admitted, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree (Netherlands: HBO) or equivalent, or
  • Three years of professional career experience in the (sport) industry*, and
  • Fluent in English.

* Experience as an elite athlete is not required for this program, but having developed a career as a professional athlete will be valued as work experience, depending on level and commitment.

MOTIVATIONIn addition, Johan Cruyff Institute is looking for people who:

  • Have a clear motivation to attend the program.
  • Have a passion for sport. We believe that a passion for sport drives education and development to become a leader in sport management.
  • You are ambitious and wish to develop yourself for a professional career in sport management.
  • Enjoy learning in a practical environment.
  • Value an individual-oriented approach and a blend of on-campus and digital learning, providing you with flexibility and innovation.
  • Are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone to be able to make a personal growth.

ADMISSION PROCEDUREThe admission procedure consists of:

  • Please complete the pre-enrollment form if you are interested in studying this program.
  • We will contact you for an interview with the program manager.
  • The Admissions Committee will evaluate if your achievements as well as your aspirations and motivations in pursuing this degree, are in line with the objectives of the program, and decide on approval of your admission.
  • The Student Contract will be sent to you, formalizing your student status at Johan Cruyff Institute.
  • Accepted participants will be notified by email, along with further information about the next steps of the admission process.

Do you have any doubts or questions? If you are interested in attending the program, but you still have questions after reading this page, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page, send us an email to, or look here to see if there are online information sessions.


Dive into an unparalleled learning journey with The Fast Track Program for International Sport Management, designed to provide a holistic understanding of the sports industry’s multifaceted nature. Here’s a closer look at what the program offers:


Delve into the core of sports management, focusing on:

  • Strategic Management: Master the art of crafting and implementing winning strategies in the sports sector.
  • Financial Management: Gain in-depth insights into financial planning, budgeting, and financial decision-making in sports organizations.
  • 14 Hours Service: Engage in hands-on experience with real-world social sports organizations, enhancing your practical skills and insights on corporate social responsibility.

Elevate your leadership capabilities with courses designed to hone your:

  • Sport Performance Skills: Learn the secrets of building and leading high-performance teams in the sports world.
  • Career Development: Strategize your career path with expert guidance to navigate the sports industry successfully.
  • Personal Mentoring: Benefit from personalized advice and insights from seasoned professionals, tailoring your learning experience to your career goals.

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring innovative practices in sports management:

  • Marketing of Sport: Discover cutting-edge marketing strategies to promote sports events and organizations.
  • Facilities & Events: Understand the nuances of managing world-class sports facilities and memorable events.
  • Governance & Society: Learn about the ethical, legal, and societal aspects influencing the governance of sports entities.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR LEARNING JOURNEY ONLINETo further personalize your learning, you can choose from our wide range of online courses. Make sure to plan your own learning path in time! Please note that there are different start dates for the online courses. Click on the courses of your interest to see the next start date. Ask us for assistance if you need help scheduling this part of the education. You are free to choose:

  • 1 course of 100 hours (6 ECTS) or
  • 2 courses of 50 hours (3 ECTS)

Learning model

Immerse yourself in an ecosystem designed to improve your performance: progress alongside professionals from the sports industry, with the constant assistance of a program manager, teachers who accompany and guide you, and a teaching team that has taken care of every detail of the program. This is how you learn:

LEARNING BY DOINGLearn theoretical concepts and quickly put them into practice while using the most innovative tools in sport management. By using Johan Cruyff Institute’s pedagogical model, you train “technique” and “tactics” through ‘learning by doing’, where the lived experience is the main source of knowledge.

TEAMWORKWork on projects with people of different nationalities and professional backgrounds who share the same team spirit and passion for sport. Have fun, learn from your colleagues, share your points of view with them and participate together in debates that are as diverse as they are enriching.

CHALLENGING BUSINESS CASESFace real business challenges, tackling the challenges that companies in the sports sector face on a daily basis.
Personally present your solutions to Johan Cruyff Institute and its partner companies, who challenge you with specific strategic problems.

DIVERSE LEARNING ENVIRONMENTSImagine a program that goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Thanks to technology, you will have access to the virtual campus, the e-learning platform that supports your academic progress and facilitates collaborative team work. Thanks to field trips and the international study trip, you will get to know different companies and sports organizations first-hand.

BARCELONA STUDY TRIP AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIESThe learning experience is diversified with outdoor visits in Amsterdam and the Netherlands and an international study trip to Barcelona, designed to deepen your understanding of sports management within real-world contexts. These excursions not only promise to enhance your experience in Amsterdam, but also aim to broaden your network within the sports industry, opening doors to future opportunities.

The study trip to Barcelona contributes to the modules in the program, and stimulates bonding and friendships; many alumni consider the study trip as one of the highlights of their study experiences during the program.

The visits to sport facilities and entities provide an on-the-ground and first-hand understanding of what management challenges are faced on a day-to-day basis, in the hands of active professionals.

This comprehensive program is your gateway to becoming a well-rounded sports management professional, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and insights to excel in the ever-evolving sports industry.

YOU ARE AT THE CENTERWe accompany you, but we are demanding. We guide you, but you are responsible for your learning process. We prepare you, but in this race you are the one who competes


  • Case studies developed as a team
  • Projects that respond to real business challenges
  • Business simulations
  • Discussions and forums
  • Webinars and live chats
  • ICT apps and management tools
  • Self-assessment exercises
  • Virtual resources Research
  • Links to bibliographic references

INTERACTIVE AND PERSONALJohan Cruyff Institute uses a rich learning environment that fosters educational tools based on a student interaction model, which also enables students to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. Students will engage actively in creative challenges that require effort, commitment and intuitive thinking.

Throughout the program we focus on the personal development of each student. The professors ensure that everyone is challenged in their learning. All the theories studied will be relevant, tangible, fun and enjoyable to learn by responding to the latest news, using case studies and having guest lectures from keynote speakers from the sport management industry.

In order to stimulate personal development, one-to-one sessions can be arranged between students, Johan Cruyff Institute staff and professors for those who need a little extra support or guidance during the program..

Professors and staff encourage students to become a ‘Cruyff family member’ for life. Johan Cruyff Institute will do everything to help students from different backgrounds and nationalities feel welcome and comfortable from the start. We know all our students individually and maintain contact with them during and after the study program.


The program in Amsterdam is delivered by professors who have held, or currently work in key positions across different areas of the sport industry and combine vast experience from sport, business and education. The professors facilitate and assess the development of the personal competencies of each student to coach them through a challenging program with enjoyment and personal experiences. They support each student in their own personal journey.

Richard-Denton - professor Johan Cruyff Institute
Richard Denton ­Richard has been working in the sport marketing and entertainment business since 1989. He has worked for global brands such as Canon, Philips, Omega, ABN AMRO, Heineken and Unilever, across a variety of sport and events including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Formula 1, Volvo Ocean Race, PGA European golf tour, the Ryder Cup, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the Olympic Games. Richard used to be managing director of one of Holland’s leading sport marketing agencies, Trefpunt-PRISM, from November 2009 until September 2015. His most recent position was Manager Sponsorship and Partner Sales at Vitesse Arnhem. Richard is professor of the module Marketing of Sport and the academic director of the program.
Henk Verschuur - Professor Master in Sport Management Amsterdam - Johan Cruyff Institute
Henk Verschuur ­Henk is the director of one of the member organizations of NOC*NSF and has held numerous significant positions in both national and international sports federations over the past 30 years. He serves as an integral master coach for national and international teams, where he mentors not only the national coach, staff, and athletes, but also strives to optimize their performance. With an in-depth understanding of the sport and a wealth of experience as a top athlete, national coach, and director of European and world associations, Henk brings invaluable expertise to the table. He is a specialist in Strategic Management, offering guidance to top-line companies both domestically and internationally. Henk embodies ‘Cruyffian teachings’, having made substantial contributions to various studies at the Johan Cruyff Institute over many years, showcasing true dedication and expertise.
Frans Bouwmans - Professor Master in Sport Management Amsterdam - Johan Cruyff Institute
Frans BoumansFrans is teaching in financial management since 1989 at different universities. In addition, he has also worked with different banks in the fields of commercial and investment banking with small and medium sized companies as well as larger corporates in the Netherlands and abroad. Frans is professor of Financial Management in the Sports Industry.
Rolf Franke - Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam
Rolf Franke ­ Rolf is a former professional basketball player. He played for several Dutch clubs, winning the league title eight times. Since retiring as a player in 1999, he has held different senior roles within the ABN Amro Group, including several board member roles. He has been working in the academic field for several years and has also started a coaching career. In 2000, he won the Dutch Basketball League Coach of the Year award. professor of Financial Management in the Sports Industry.
Rolf Franke - Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam
Rolf Franke ­ Rolf is a former professional basketball player. He played for several Dutch clubs, winning the league title eight times. Since retiring as a player in 1999, he has held different senior roles within the ABN Amro Group, including several board member roles. He has been working in the academic field for several years and has also started a coaching career. In 2019, he won the Dutch Basketball League Coach of the Year award. professor of Financial Management in the Sports Industry.
Martijn van Westerop - Professor Master in Sport Management Amsterdam - Johan Cruyff Institute
Martijn van Westerop ­ Martijn supports people and organizations in their development to achieve sustainable performance. He is a lecturer on the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology at the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology in Lausanne, and co-lecturer of the HR module in the IOC MEMOS program. He is also an executive coach at IMD in Lausanne and TIAS School for Business and Society in Tilburg, and he works for various organizations such as ASML, Randstad, CloudNation and the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation. He is curious about people, organizations and cultures with the drive to have a positive impact on people. Martijn is professor of Applied Sports Performance Skills.
Jessie de Booij - Professor at Johan Cruyff Institute
Jessie de Booij ­Jessie is an accomplished digital marketer with over a decade of experience at international companies like WE Fashion, Vue, Kinepolis, and Evidensia. Since starting her career in 2013, she has mastered the art of digital marketing to enhance brand engagement and visibility. Her expertise spans developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies, managing content, and leveraging AI tools and online analytics to monitor digital trends and customer behavior. With her enthusiasm for the field, Jessie ensures you are positioned to make a quick start.
Kees Verschoor - Professor at Johan Cruyff Institute
Kees Verschoor ­Kees has been supporting managers, teams and students in building strong innovative relationships since 1992; to work on their own development and to build sustainable results and successes together with their stakeholders. He supports a wide range of profit and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands and abroad in his role as consultant, teacher, writer and entrepreneur. Kees is professor of Governance, Innovation and Leadership.
Hanna Wintzen - Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam
Hanna Wintzen-Kernkamp ­ Hanna has been a change manager and management consultant since 2000. She started her professional career at corporate Delta Lloyd where she managed many strategic changes until 2014; from 2014-18, Hanna was Delta Lloyds head of CSR & Sustainability. After completing the Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute in 2017, she transferred her work area to CSR and Sports: first at the Dutch football federation KNVB as the Legacy Manager of EURO2020, and from 2022 as a manager at, a foundation that supports all CSR activities of its members, 190 professional football clubs throughout Europe.
Paul ten Hag - Professor at Johan Cruyff Institute
Paul ten Hag­Paul was the managing director of the Dutch women’s football league. He has extensive experience as a facility manager. He worked for 11 years as director of facilities & sport services at Nike Europe. He also was facility manager at Holec Holland and Texas Instruments. Paul is an active and passionate sport fan. He was also the director of the Dutch Archery Federation. Paul is professor of Facility & Event Management.

Student services

Johan Cruyff Institute offers different services to enhance your employability, complete your education and improve your experience before, during and after your studies.

EMPLOYABILITYEvery week we send you a newsletter with job offers from football clubs, companies and sports entities so that you can follow in detail how the job market is evolving in the sports industry and be the first to know about available job opportunities.

In addition, we have built a wide network of professional partners who are looking for talent and turn to us to fill their vacancies. Johan Cruyff Institute selects the best qualified profiles among its network of students according to their suitability.

ALUMNI CRUYFF INSTITUTEThe Alumni Cruyff Institute digital platform allows the more than 9,000 students who have studied with us to maintain the links created during their studies, as well as to participate in webinars and training sessions, among other resources.

Connect to this network and get in touch with peers who share your interests and with former students working in companies and institutions around the world, while keeping the spirit of Johan Cruyff Institute alive.

HOSPITALITYIf you are coming to study from outside the Netherlands, we are here to help you. We will help you with the paperwork and provide you with information about accommodation, health insurance, currency and all the details you need to know to make your experience in Amsterdam perfect.

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