Basic information

  • Academic degree: Certificate Module Sport & Facility/Event Management from the Johan Cruyff Institute
  • Duration: From January till June (6 month. Each month approximately 10 hour)
  • Start: January 2019
  • End: June 2019
  • Schedule:

    (With a proviso:) Classes once every three weeks on Tuesdays from 2PM until 7PM (and once on Friday), and 5 to 10 hours of self-study

  • Place:

    Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, Laan der Hesperiden 118, 1076 DX Amsterdam and on-site visits at sport facilities and events

  • Modality: On Campus
  • Language: Dutch
  • Price: € 1,750.- (excl. 21% VAT, incl. one event ticket)
  • Payment methods: Payment by installments available; ask for the conditions
  • Special conditions: Discount for alumni and members of related entities
  • Enrollment: Registration open until the start of the Master. Limited places available

The program may be subject to change.
The institution reserves the right to cancel the edition of the program if it does not meet the minimum number of students.


The Module Sport & Facility / Event Management is a six-month study program designed for people with a passion for sport who want to delve into the ins- and outs of the facility, hospitality and event sector. Through intense sessions and site visits, students gain new insights and skills and have the opportunity to expand their network in the sports industry. The course is delivered in Dutch.

If you would like to receive further information about the program, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page to receive the brochure with detailed information about our Cruyffian approach to teaching.

Ahoy Rotterdam - Course Sport Facility Event Management - Johan Cruyff Institute

Six Days of Rotterdam, an event at the Ahoy stadium and one of the visited events in the past


The module will give you insight into the aspects of facility and event management, and you’ll learn practical skills to apply this knowledge effectively. You will also learn how to create a strategic Facility / Event Management plan. Upon completion of the program you’ll be well prepared to manage and organize sport events of all kind.

Aimed at

The Module Sport & Facility/Event Management is for you if you are:

  • Are a (former) athlete looking for a short program in the field of facility / event management to give your professional career a boost.
  • Have built a career in the sport sector and are looking for a short course to formalize your knowledge and skills.
  • Are interested in a specializing in facility and event management.
  • Work in the business sector but want to make the switch to sport and the facility / event sector.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTSTo be eligible for admission, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree, undergraduate diploma or the equivalent and/or
  • work experience in the area of sport management.*

*Experience as an athlete is not required for this program, but it will be considered as work experience, depending level and commitment.

ADMISSION PROCEDUREThe admission procedure consists of:

  • Please complete the enrollment form if you are interested in studying this program.
  • The Admissions Committee will decide on approval of admission. If any queries or doubts, we will contact you.
  • Accepted participants will be notified by e-mail, along with further information about the next steps of the admission process

Course Sport Facility Event Management - Johan Cruyff Institute


Students gain knowledge by delving into real cases that are highly relevant to the sport professional. Examples come from both profit and non-profit organizations. Students also visit sport facilities and events. In previous editions we have for example paid visits to the World Championships Ice Skating at Thialf, Ajax / Amsterdam ArenA and the Nike Europe Campus. You complete the module with a final project: a Case Study commission with final presentation:

CONTENTThere are several subjects dealt with during the module:

  • Definitions, characteristics & action plans for Facility, Event- & Hospitality Management
  • Project Management
  • The internal and external environment
  • Maintenance and renovation of facilities
  • Tender & bid process
  • Budget control

STUDY TRIPSThe program includes many site visits to sport organisations, clubs, events and facilities, so you’ll experience first hand the day-to-day challenges of facility and event managers.

Visit Thialf - Course Sport Facility Event Management - Johan Cruyff Institute

Thialf Ice Rink visit Heerenveen – Dutch Championships Ice Skating

Learning model

The Module Sport & Facility/Event Management puts students at the center of their learning process. In this intense 6 month study program, students enjoy learning methods based on a ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology. We encourage collaborative work and all the content can be transfered to real-life situations in facility or event management. Our staff of expert faculty guide the students in their learning process, providing high quality training.

We believe a study program should be demanding and enriching, just like sports training. During the Module Sport & Facility / Event Management students participate actively in creative challenges that require commitment and involvement. The teachers support and evaluate the development of competencies and coach students through the challenging program.

The Johan Cruyff Institute uses a diverse learning environment where the learning materials are based on a student – teacher – group interaction model, which makes it possible to share unique knowledge and experiences and learn from and with each other.


In addition to the core professor Paul ten Hag, there are several leading experts from the facility / event management industry that give guest lectures and presentations. They’ll provide the students with insights in their work and present various practical situations which offer new perspectives on facility / event management. The lecturers come from various profit and non-profit sport and sport business sectors. They’ll take the students on a journey to interesting and prestigious events in the sporting world, and stimulate students to think about solutions for existing day-to-day challenges in the field of Facility and Event Management.

Paul ten Hag - Professor at Johan Cruyff Institute
Paul ten Hag­Paul ten Hag is the core professor of the Module Sport & Facility / Event Management, and is responsible for monitoring the content of the program. Paul ten Hag is the managing director of the Dutch women’s football league. He has extensive experience as a Facility Manager. He worked for eleven years as Director of Facilities & Sport Services at Nike Europe. He was Facility Manager at Holec Holland and Texas Instruments, and he was also the director of the Dutch Archery Federation.

Student services

ALUMNI AND NETWORKINGThere are now hundreds alumni from Amsterdam, and hundreds from other study programs worldwide (on campus in Barcelona and online editions in English and Spanish), working in various positions in and outside the international sport world.

Our Johan Cruyff Institute network give students the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students, alumni and members of our global network, and share your passion for sport and professional experience with them. We promote and facilitate continuous academic training.

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION NLThe Alumni Association was founded with the aim to stay connected with the Cruyff network consisting of (former) classmates, teachers and staff. The unique experience of studying together, participating in (sport) activities and sharing knowledge do not stop after graduation, but is continued by the Alumni Association.

CAREER SERVICESMany sport organizations and businesses with job vacancies turn to the Johan Cruyff Institute when they are searching for candidates with a ‘sport mentality’. The Johan Cruyff Institute can help to select and contact qualified candidates within the ‘Cruyff network’. We also announce job openings and new projects in sport throughout our media.

Moreover, the Johan Cruyff Institute has a partnership with Sport Netwerk and GlobalSportsJobs. Both organizations have the aim to help and guide students and alumni of the Johan Cruyff Institute in the labor market. The career partners serve as a key intermediary between potential applicants of the Johan Cruyff Institute and the national and international sport business industry (see Career Services).

Course Sport Facility Event Management - Johan Cruyff Institute

Institute information

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam

The majority of the classes of the Module Sport & Facility/Event Management are delivered at the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam, located next to the Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Stadium hosted the 1928 Olympic Games, providing a link between the history and future of sport. This unique setting inspires our staff and students to excel in work and studies.

Some classes are delivered at sport facilities and events throughout The Netherlands.

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