Johan Cruyff Institute creates a new consulting service

The consultancy area, directed by our teacher and specialist in sport marketing and sponsorship Cinto Ajram, offers a global service, and is aimed at private and public companies, clubs, federations and athletes in need of strategic advice, implementation and activation

Johan Cruyff Institute has gone one step further in its mission to professionalize the sports industry with the creation of a new management area: consulting. This new service will be directed by Cinto Ajram, professor of the Master in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, who has more than 12 years of experience at multinational companies such as Banco Sabadell, Zurich Seguros or FC Barcelona, where he was responsible for sponsorship activation.

“In a world where economic resources are vital for pushing projects forward, a good marketing plan helps optimize investments and save on costs,”, says Cinto. According to a study by the international marketing and sponsorship agency IEG, in 2017 investment in sponsorship is expected to grow 4.5% over last year to reach $62.8 billion. Sponsorship will take most of the pie, with less spending on other marketing techniques such as public relations, direct marketing or promotions.

Cinto Ajram has joined the Johan Cruyff Institute team to lead this new business area, which will draw on three different collaborator profiles: a team of professionals from the sector who already collaborate with the institution as part of the faculty in different areas of sport management; alumni who have graduated with us and hold relevant positions in national and international companies; and current students who, depending on their profile, attitude and initiative, will be able to do an internship in this department, under Ajram’s supervision.

The consultancy is aimed at companies from the public and private sector, clubs, federations and athletes in general, who are interested in receiving personalized advice and help in the development of strategic and tactical plans at corporate level, and in marketing, sport sponsorship, facilities management, digital marketing and even in contract negotiation.

We have the talent, we have the professionals, we have the resources. The logical and last step is to put it all at the service of the sports industry. In the following interview, Cinto tells us all about it.

What does Johan Cruyff Institute consultancy service consist of?

The consultancy was created with the objective of providing service to companies, public or private institutions, and athletes, especially in the field of sport marketing and sponsorship.

Why did the need arise to create this department?

The need arose from the constant interest shown by many of our clients, who wanted to go a little further in the field of sport marketing. And also, from the many requests we had from students who needed help in implementing a project.

What areas of sport management will the consultancy cover?

It will mainly cover the areas of market intelligence, business strategy, sport marketing and sponsorship. And all the part related to hospitality, management of facilities, and those linked to the digital marketing area, as well as giving support in the negotiation of agreements.

What kind of clients is it aimed at?

It will be aimed mainly at companies, public and private institutions, sports clubs, federations and also those athletes who want to go a little further in the field of sport marketing.

Which markets will have access to this consultancy?

Johan Cruyff Institute will offer a global service, although initially we will focus mainly on Spain and Latin America, because we already have a very strong presence in these territories.

How will the consulting service take advantage of Johan Cruyff Institute talent?

We will have three different profiles: firstly, professors who are part of the Institute who are already recognized professionals within the field of sport marketing; secondly, alumni who have been trained by us and who we know are a guarantee of success; and thirdly, current students to whom we will offer internships within the consultancy.

What aspects should a company seeking a consultancy analyze?

We could list many aspects, but I’ll focus on two very clear ones: the first is the cost savings of outsourcing this service, and the second is to incorporate a point of view outside the company to improve the day-to-day within their internal processes.

Do all sports companies in the world need a marketing plan?

Undoubtedly. Nowadays, in a world where economic resources are vital for pushing projects forward, a good marketing plan will help optimize investments and save on costs.

To what extent do employees of a company actively participate in consulting plans?

We firmly believe that good employee involvement in projects is vital for those projects to move forward. We should remember that, in many cases, we turn up, we make an evaluation, we develop a very interesting project, but it is the company that in the long term has to implement this project. Therefore, good employee involvement is vital to make the project work in the long run.

What are the most frequent queries?

Those related to sport sponsorship and, above all, how to implement a sport sponsorship and activation strategy. But we also receive many queries about how to optimize a comprehensive sport marketing plan and how to optimize the investments made.


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