Sustainability and more fan engagement, main themes of the Asia Stadiums Summit in Singapore

Oliver Seitz, director of the Master in Football Business offered by Johan Cruyff Institute in collaboration with FC Barcelona, will be one of the speakers at the Asia Summit

No one wants to have large sports stadiums that are just a reminder of glorious events of the past, mainly for the years and the hundreds of millions of euros of taxpayers’ money that it takes to build them. It is bad publicity for the city, it shows the incompetence of the local government and the owners of the stadium, and it lowers the value of the surrounding properties. Sustainability and how to maximize fan engagement will be the main themes of the second edition of the Stadiums and Arenas Asia Summit in Singapore, which will take place on 27 and 28 February at the Equarius Hotel, and to which the Johan Cruyff Institute has been invited.

Oliver Seitz, director of the Master in Football Business of Johan Cruyff Institute in partnership with FC Barcelona, will be one of the speakers at the congress and his presentation will be based on the importance of investing in maintaining the loyalty of fans because of the economic impact that it has on the club’s finances.

From the architects, when they start to plan the construction of a new stadium, to the owners of large facilities and event organizers, all are clear that generating a regular income is vital to make the investment in a stadium profitable. To do this, we must increase the entertainment offer and boost the commitment and experience of the fans in an increasingly digital world.

Experienced professionals of so-called business entertainment will present practical cases and solid marketing strategies to get the public ‘hooked’ and loyal and will give advice on how to implement a long-term profitable marketing plan and on the different ways to take advantage of new technologies to maximize income and customize the consumer experience.


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