Team Giant-Shimano trusts the Cruyff Institute in the development of its’ coaches


The Master in Coaching is designed for coaches and executives who already have experience as a coach or manager, and who want to further develop their coaching skills and competencies. The program offers students the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills to excel as coaches, and follows a day in the life of a coach, through the various phases, from preparation to completion.

The basic idea behind the program is that once you can coach yourself, you have the skills to coach others. For the duration of the study each student is assigned a personal coach. This coach will guide the student-coach towards the realization of their personal goals.

The program covers four common coaching themes, emphasizing on self-knowledge and self-development:

– The Coach

– The Coach and the Team

– The Coach, the Team and the Environment

– The Coach and the Environment


Other subjects are:

– Leadership and Coaching Principles

– Personal Performance and Communication

– Team Dynamics; Building a Winning Team

– Handling the Media

– Performance under Pressure


The Master in Coaching is delivered in Dutch in Amsterdam.

For more information & admissions:

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam
Laan der Hesperiden 118 – 1076 DX Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 – 305 3383

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