More than 400 VVON coaches participate in Johan Cruyff Institute webinar

Johan Cruyff Institute has given a large group of VVON members more insight into the Cruyffian vision on performance under pressure and leadership during a two-session webinar

More than 400 members of the VVON, the Dutch football coaches union and official partner of Johan Cruyff Institute since 2019, came together digitally at the end of April for a Cruyffian webinar on ‘performance under pressure’ and ‘leadership’. The webinar was split into two separate sessions of 75 minutes, held on April 23 and April 28. Henk Verschuur, professor of the Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute, acted as host of both webinars.

Arnold Westen, chairman of the VVON, was pleased with the webinars: “During the corona crisis, in which training, playing matches and attending training courses are hardly possible, webinars are an excellent opportunity for trainers to continue developing themselves in a completely different way than they are used to. The webinars on ‘performing under pressure’ and ‘leadership’ were great topics for our members to work on their own development. The participants appreciated both webinars and rated them positively afterwards.”

The VVON has represented the interests of football coaches in the Netherlands since 1946 and currently has more than 4,200 members, to whom it offers help and advice on employment contracts, mediation in labor disputes and professional legal assistance in the event of removal from active duty/discharge and in arbitration cases. In addition, the VVON sees it as its task to constantly improve the knowledge of its members and take them to a higher level by organizing training sessions, such as study days, conferences and symposia, and by offering online practice exercises.


Master in Sport Management (Amsterdam, English, Start: September 2020)
Master in Coaching (Amsterdam & Arnhem, English, Start: February 2021 – Dutch edition: September 2020)

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