AEFCA ensures the future of its coaches with Johan Cruyff Institute

The Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations offers its members a future in sport management and coaching through an agreement for academic education with Johan Cruyff Institute

The Alliance of European Football Coaches’ Associations (AEFCA) has proposed that the slogan ‘We support coaches’ which defines its organization does not remain a short-term action. AEFCA is going further in its mission to support its collective of coaches and enhance their professional success, expanding their work opportunities in the world of sport.

The Johan Cruyff Institute will contribute to this personal and professional development by making available to all members of the associations its entire offer of Master’s, Postgraduate and courses with favorable conditions.

Mariël Koerhuis, director of the Johan Cruyff Institute, and Walter Gagg, president of AEFCA, formalized this collaboration yesterday, March 6, with the signing of the agreement at the offices of Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam.

AEFCA ensures the future of its coaches with Johan Cruyff Institute

Walter Gagg, President of AEFCA, with Mariël Koerhuis, manager of Johan Cruyff Institute

“Coaches are a key profile for the development of football talent and many have the skills to become leaders in coaching or the management of the football business,” commented Koerhuis. “And we are pleased that AEFCA supports this transition of its collective through our continuing education programs”.

For his part, Walter Gagg said that “it is a real honor as president of the AEFCA to be part of Johan Cruyff Institute mission. During his lifetime, Johan Cruyff transmitted to the entire world his enjoyment in the pitch when he was one of the greatest players ever, and later, as the coach and technical director behind the best team in the world at the time. Our coaches will now have the opportunity to learn at Johan Cruyff Institute and build themselves a future in sport management, thanks to the agreement we are signing today”.

The Alliance of the European Football Coaches’ Asociation is formed by associations and national organizations of football coaches in Europe. Its objective is to promote collective self-defense and solidarity among coaches, as well as to improve football and its promotion thanks to different development programs. The professionalization of the sports industry through the management and education of athletes so they can continue to be linked to the world of sport when the time comes for them to retire has, for 18 years, been the mission of Johan Cruyff Institute.


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