‘From Big Data to Smart Data’, next webinar for Alumni Cruyff Institute

In the first webinar for the Alumni Cruyff Institute platform, we will talk about Big Data with Javier Bosch, CEO and founder of technology company NBN23, supplier to the NBA, among others

The Johan Cruyff Institute offers all alumni of the global network the opportunity to participate in the first webinar organized exclusively for the Alumni Cruyff Institute platform. The digital meeting will be held on May 29 in English, and the debate will focus on the interesting world of data analysis in the sports sector. The webinar will have the collaboration of Javier Bosch, CEO and founder of the technology company NBN23, whose clients include the very NBA itself.

This Valencian company was considered to be the best technology company in the sports sector in Europe last year, after winning a contest that brought together 123 companies from the European edition of the Global Sports Innovation Competition, thereby earning the chance to represent Europe in the world final of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The session will start at 5pm (Amsterdam time) and will last approximately one hour. During this time, Javier Bosch will explain to us how he has developed a successful startup, the added value that his product brings to the sports industry and who it is aimed at, before answering questions from the webinar attendees.

If you are part of the Alumni Cruyff Institute and you are interested in attending the webinar, you only have to register through the platform.

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