‘Cruyffian’ look for Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam classroom

The classroom of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam has undergone a metamorphosis. Thanks to STUDIO Alexander Frencken it now exudes a feeling of what Johan Cruyff Institute is: sporty, creative, inspiring, and also homey and personal. We hope that this ‘Cruyffian’ appearance of the space will inspire teachers and students to perform at their best during educational sessions.

‘Cruyffiaanse’ uitstraling voor klaslokaal Johan Cruyff Institute‘Cruyffiaanse’ uitstraling voor klaslokaal Johan Cruyff Institute‘Cruyffiaanse’ uitstraling voor klaslokaal Johan Cruyff Institute

Pictures made by Heidi Borgart

Alexander Frencken has 25 years of experience running his own studio, which offers creative and inspiring solutions under the slogan “Imagery with impact” (Beeldtaal die raakt). As Alexander wants to expand his team in the near future, he decided to develop his coaching skills. His great passion for sport led him to Johan Cruyff Institute, where he completed the Master in Coaching June 2014. He then remained closely involved in the Cruyff network.

“An important goal of my studio is to present a product or a story in a fair, strong and at the same time sparkling way,” says Alexander. “As a former student of the Master in Coaching, I found the transformation of the space a terrific project. Over the last weeks we have worked hard to create a look that fits well with the style of teaching at Johan Cruyff Institute. And that worked out well!”

Pictures made by Heidi Borgart

Henk Verschuur, manager of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam: “We think the new look of our classroom is marvelous – ‘Cruyffian’, truly distinctive, personal and intimate and that matches very well with our team and what we want to promote as an organization. The teachers of Johan Cruyff Institute share a passion for sports and have a sporty way of teaching that’s active, dynamic and committed to the students. It is easier to inspire students in a room that fits with these characteristics. The new look supports the unique aspects of our organization and the teaching methods within our Master programs.”

We thank Alexander Frencken for this powerful collaboration and we hope to make more use of his talents in the future.

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