Graduation of Team Lotto-NL Jumbo coaches in Amsterdam

The Cruyff Institute handed over the diplomas to the coaches of Team Lotto-NL Jumbo at the Amsterdam ArenA. Among the graduates were successful coaches such as Frans Maassen, Nico Verhoeven and Erik Dekker. They studied the Master to further develop their coaching skills

This year’s graduation ceremony of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam was not only organised for the students of the Master in Sport Management and the Master in Coaching. Over the last two years, the Cruyff Institute has educated coaches and team leaders of Team Lotto-NL Jumbo. The group of 15 coaches and team leaders followed a customised edition of the Master in Coaching. The study programme is based on the vision of Johan Cruyff, in which coaching is more than applying tactical and technical knowledge. It is about an integrated approach in which you manage yourself, the players/employees, the team and the environment.

Johan Cruyff: “Perhaps the most important aspect of coaching is what you see in a person. You need to know their habits and their character. Where does he come from? How does he behave? As a coach, you have a responsibility to educate athletes in the right way.”

All the graduates are ready for the next steps in their career as cycling coaches. Frans Maassen, coach of Team Lotto-NL Jumbo: “In this Master you work on improving yourself. I know myself much better now! Consequently, I can use my strengths more consciously and I deal better with negative things. You’ll find a balance and this is beneficial for everybody; yourself, fellow coaches and the riders as well”.

About B2B of Johan Cruyff Institute

Besides organising the Master in Sports Management and Master in Coaching for athletes, coaches and people with a passion for sports, the Cruyff Institute collaborates with sports teams, clubs and companies who share the same vision and values as us, such as teamwork, goal-setting and self-improvement. These values are not only important for athletes and coaches, but also essential to be successful in leading projects in the sports sector and business entities. Together with our collaborating partners we create synergies and we support the development of skills and talent that will benefit both the individual student as well as the sports & business sectors.

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