Inge Dekker starts Master in Coaching thanks to Telesport scholarship

Telesport offers an extra scholarship to former Olympic swimmer Inge Dekker for the Master in Coaching of Johan Cruyff Institute

Inge Dekker starts Master in Coaching thanks to Telesport scholarship - Johan Cruyff InstituteLast month, former Olympic swimmer Inge Dekker started the January edition of the Master in Coaching at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam. Inge has been given the opportunity to study this Master program thanks to the scholarship offered by Telesport. With this scholarship, Telesport contributes to the mission of Johan Cruyff Institute to educate top athletes after their sports career to prepare them a social career in sport and to keep their knowledge and qualities in sport.

Last summer, the swimmer missed out on the opportunity to start the Master program when swimming colleague Sebastiaan Verschuren and cyclist Laurens ten Dam won the Telesport scholarships for the 2017-18 academic year. But because the Master in Coaching started an extra edition in January 2018 due to its success, Telesport gave her the chance to start with the program.

Jaap de Groot, chief editor at Telesport, explains the motivation behind this extra scholarship: “I’m glad that we were able to provide Inge with a scholarship after Sebastiaan and Laurens won last summer. Such a major top athlete should simply be given the chance to share all her experiences with others. It’s great that, thanks to this extra Master’s edition, Inge has been able to start this program. We are convinced she will not only be a great athlete, but will also become an added value for Dutch sport.”

“I would like to guide swimmers who are focused on participating and performing at the Olympic Games”

After the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Inge announced that she would quit swimming after 15 years. With almost 50 international medals to her name, she is one of the most successful swimmers in Dutch history. But she was ready for something else “At the moment, I train young swimmers who register for swimming trainings and camps via USWIM,” says Inge. “But in the end, I would like to guide swimmers who are focused on participating and performing at the Olympic Games. However, that is in the long term, because I have just quit swimming and I want to develop myself first. I think this Master is very interesting, because I don’t have much experience in coaching yet. My goals are to learn to work together better, to learn how to motivate and to see coaching from the perspective of the coach instead of the athlete. I’m very grateful that Telesport has given me this opportunity.”

If everything goes well, Inge will graduate in November. We wish her the best of luck in her career and studies.


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