Johan Cruyff Institute and IQUII to collaborate on sport management projects

New collaboration agreement with IQUII, a consultancy firm specializing in the digital transformation of the sports industry, and the retail and financial sectors

The Italian company IQUII, a consultancy firm specializing in the digital transformation of the sports, retail and financial sectors, has joined the group of collaborating companies of Johan Cruyff Institute, through an agreement that will help unite their sport management competencies. The sports industry is evolving according to the standards set by a society totally immersed in the digital age, technology and new models of communication. The collaboration with IQUII responds to Johan Cruyff Institute’s interest in continuing to be at the forefront of any process of change in the sports industry and to IQUII’s interest in joining a leading institution in the training of professionals in all areas of sport management.

Johan Cruyff Institute will be able to offer its students the opportunity to do internships at the Italian company and will also be able to benefit from IQUII’s know-how and have access the company’s digital data for carrying out educational research and developing projects.

“Exactly a year after the birth of IQUII Sport, our business unit dedicated to tracing the route for the digital transformation of athletes, and our experience and all the projects carried out in this time have led us to be considered a benchmark company in terms of vision and technology. Contributing together with Johan Cruyff Institute in the training of future sports leaders is something that makes us proud and is also an opportunity that we want to take advantage of from the business point of view”, says Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII.


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