Johan Cruyff Institute and Studio Assist & Partners join forces in Italy and UK

Studio Assist & Partners boosts its educational offer for athletes, clubs, federations and companies linked to sport management by including the specialized education of Johan Cruyff Institute

Johan Cruyff Institute and Studio Assist & Partners have reached an agreement to collaborate in education and to draw on each other’s experience in the field of sport management. Studio Assist & Partners is an important Italian group, with offices in London from where it operates internationally, which offers management services to athletes, coaches, managers, clubs, federations, associations and companies linked to the sports industry.

The agreement reached with the Johan Cruyff Institute will allow them to promote their educational offer and offer new opportunities to clients and partners. According to the president of the company, Alberto Orlandi, “having a good education in sport management is key to being at the forefront of all the changes taking place in the sports business, which is constantly evolving. This is a peculiar world that brings together different stakeholders, with specific demands and purposes, and Johan Cruyff Institute will be a key partner to work with and through which we can offer new tools so both the athletes and companies we collaborate with can keep growing”.

Johan Cruyff Institute will offer the clients and staff of Studio Assist special discounts on its programs in Sport Management, Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, Football Business and Coaching, and the Italian company will offer any available internships they have to students of Johan Cruyff Institute.


Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam uses a rich learning environment that fosters educational tools based on a student interaction model. We aim for a mix of students from sports and business sectors, which also enables students to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. Through ‘Cruyffian’ teaching methods the students will engage actively in creative challenges that require effort, commitment and intuitive thinking. Visit the web pages to find out more about these programs, which we deliver in English:

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