Johan Cruyff Institute holds intervision session with youth coaches Almere City

Johan Cruyff Institute introduced the youth coaches of football club Almere City to the Cruyffian way of coaching

Last week, Henk Verschuur, manager of the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam and professor of the Master in Coaching, gave the youth coaches at football club Almere City an immersion into the Cruyffian vision of coaching during a brief intervision session. The youth players of the Under-19 and Under-23 teams also had an information session about the study programs.

Led by Rene Koster, head of the youth academy of the Dutch football club, the youth coaches, together with Henk Verschuur, held an intervision session on leadership, internal positioning, cognitive processes with children, and new training strategies.

Rene thought the morning session was very valuable: “Henk took us through a number of statements and practical examples that made us think. He also held us up to a mirror with regard to our way of working and actions. It is always good to talk about this and to discuss it. I especially liked that it was based on practical statements and discussions, because that is what it’s all about; putting the theory into practice. In my opinion, that fits in perfectly with the vision of Johan Cruyff.”

Johan Cruyff Institute holds intervision session with Almere City youth coaches

Youth coaches of football club Almere City are being challenged in a Cruyffian way

Jason Oost, a former professional football player at Almere City, RKC Waalwijk and Sparta, was one of the trainers that joined the intervision session. Jason has been the coach of the Under-17s and the assistant coach of the Under-23s since 2017. “The intervision has made me look at myself critically and about how I fulfill my role as leader. I have learned that as a youth coach you are a role model for the players 24/7 and that a good leader is aware of the fact that he is not only a leader on the pitch, but also in all contact moments off the pitch, players create an image of you as a leader. Henk does not dictate his opinion and vision, but lets you think for yourself about certain subjects and opens the discussion among the coaches. In this way, you come to certain conclusions and thoughts together. I thought it was very valuable.”

Both parties intend to continue working together in the future to improve the training plan for the coaches of the club.


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