Johan Cruyff Institute holds intervision session with youth trainers NAC Breda

Earlier this month, Johan Cruyff Institute introduced the youth trainers of football club NAC Breda to the Cruyffian way of coaching

Earlier this month, Henk Verschuur, manager of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam and professor of the Master in Coaching, gave the youth trainers of NAC Breda an immersion into the Cruyffian vision of coaching during a brief intervision session.

Led by Eric Hellemons, head of the youth academy of the Dutch football club, the youth trainers, together with Henk Verschuur, held an intervision session on leadership, internal positioning, cognitive processes with children and new training strategies. In a Cruyffian way, the coaches were confronted with having to use other strategies for making assignments attractive to youth players, and rewarding them instead of the using usual and traditional training methods. In other words, what is most effective when you train children for getting results?

Johan Cruyff Institute holds intervision session with youth trainers NAC Breda

F.l.t.r. Eric Hellemons, Henk Verschuur and Willem Weijs (Alumnus Master in Coaching & trainer NAC Breda

“It was a challenging, inspiring and enthusiastic intervision session, in which the expertise about the way of leadership and the practical knowledge about how people can respond to situations were brought to the participants’ attention. By sparring with Henk and our youth trainers there was synergy during the gathering. In the following days, it was still being discussed,” said Hellemons.

Both parties intend to continue working together in the future to improve the training plan for the youth coaches and the coaches of the professional football club.


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