Johan Cruyff Institute will contribute to strengthening the Amsterdam business district

Since January 1 2018, Johan Cruyff Institute has become a new member of the ‘Hello Zuidas’ Foundation, which aims to make the business district ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam function optimally

The Zuidas district in the Dutch capital is one of the most important business districts in the Netherlands, where developments in terms of infrastructure and business activities happen at high speed. The Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam is located on the edge of this bustling area, right next to the Olympic Stadium.

The Hello Zuidas Foundation makes an important contribution to the optimal functioning of the Zuidas. More than 200 corporate businesses based in this area were already members of this foundation and on January 1, 2018, Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam joined as a so-called ‘new member’. Thanks to its membership, Johan Cruyff Institute can contribute to the high-quality standards that apply to the area.

The main goal is to strengthen each other. Through the agreement, which for the time being is valid for two years, Johan Cruyff Institute will share its knowledge with corporate businesses affiliated with Hello Zuidas. Employees working in the Zuidas will benefit from the Master’s degrees, specialized courses and workshops offered by Johan Cruyff Institute.

Certain values which are so typical in sport, are reflected in personal and professional skills that are essential for success in the tough business world

There are many companies in the Zuidas with a highly competitive mentality. Johan Cruyff Institute believes that the business sector can benefit from a top sport mentality. We are convinced that our vision in areas such as collaboration, team dynamics, performance under pressure and leadership, offers solutions for such companies. These values, which are so typical in sport, are reflected in personal and professional skills that are essential for success in the tough business world.

This opportunity to join forces in the Zuidas was therefore obvious. Johan Cruyff Institute’s manager Henk Verschuur is pleased with the agreement: “Johan Cruyff Institute is a high-profile educational institute in the field of sports and corporate business. We see the Zuidas as an important district and we strongly believe in the connection between quality business and academic services for entrepreneurs in the Zuidas. We are proud that we are located in this fabulous part of the city, and look forward to making our contribution to developing the talent of the employees in this area.”


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