Johan Cruyff Institute, with Women’s Football at the World Football Summit

Johan Cruyff Institute is also ‘academic partner’ of the Women’s Football Congress organized by the WFS to be held on 12 September in Madrid

Girls also play and, this time, they will do it first. As a prelude to the great football industry congress to be held in Madrid on 16 and 17 October, its organizer, the World Football Summit, will dedicate a day to specifically address women’s football and the great growth it is experiencing. The Women’s Football Summit will take place on 12 September at the Espacio Bertelsmann in Madrid and the Johan Cruyff Institute will be ‘academic partner’ of the event.

According to official FIFA data, around 26 million women play football on a regular basis in 180 countries around the world. For its part, UEFA’s Annual Report on Women’s Football in Europe reveals more interesting data that emphasizes the rapid growth of women’s football in the old continent. The number of women playing football has increased fivefold since 1985, and there are more than 7,000 women referees and 21,000 coaches, while 53 European regions have women’s national teams and 51 countries organize their own women’s league. As for Spain, between 2003 and 2013, the number of federated women football players increased from 11,300 to 40,606, a spectacular increase of more than 300% in just 10 years.

Women’s football has evolved so much that in the last few decades there have been many major championships and tournaments all over the world, including: the European Championship, also known as the Women’s Euro, which organized its first edition in 1982; the Olympic Games, which have included women’s football since Atlanta’96; and the Women’s World Cup, which held its seventh edition in Canada 2015.

The Women’s Football Summit, which is supported by the Spanish government’s Higher Council of Sports program “Women’s Universe”, has a luxury panel of guest speakers: Sarai Bareman (director of FIFA’s Women’s Football Division), Pedro Malabia (director of La Liga Women’s Football), Ebru Köksal (director of Women in Football and member of the Scottish FA’s Equality and Diversity Advisory Board), Gavin Makel (director of Women’s Football at Manchester City) and Linda Wijkström (general secretary of the Swedish Association of Women’s Football Clubs – Elitfotboll Dam).

Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • The commercial potential of women’s football.
  • The future in the audiovisual field: where are we going?
  • How to boost national competitions.
  • The integration of a women’s team as added value to a club.
  • The governance and commitment of stakeholders.
  • The present and future of international competitions, FIFA.

All those interested in attending the congress can purchase their ticket here.


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