Jordi Cruyff to lead Johan Cruyff Institute panel at WFS18

Johan Cruyff Institute renews as the exclusive Academic Partner of WFS18 and prepares a panel with the participation of Jordi Cruyff and other former football players, under the motto ‘The Day After’

Jordi Cruyff will attend, together with Johan Cruyff Institute, the third edition of the World Football Summit 2018, the reference congress of the football industry that returns to the Goya Theater in Madrid on September 24 and 25. Jordi will lead a round table organized by the academic institution his father founded, giving voice to former football players who have managed to make the leap from the pitch to the offices and face their future in sport with guarantees.

‘The Day After’ is the theme of the panel organized by Johan Cruyff Institute, and is the reality that most athletes face when the day comes to retire. Academic education is not only an ideal, but also essential, requirement for the football industry to be nurtured by those who have dedicated the best years of their lives to the sport and want to continue doing so from a position in management.

Johan Cruyff Institute has renewed its commitment as Exclusive Academic Partner of WFS18, in which it participated last year with a panel that proposed a debate on whether the football industry should be managed by former players. In charge of leading the debate last year were: Craig Foster, a well-known football analyst and commentator on Australian television, who was also CEO and president of the Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) and now serves as ambassador of Johan Cruyff Institute in Australia; Grétar Steinsson, technical director of Fleetwood Town FC; and Fernando Revilla, president of FIFPro Americas. This year we are back with new players and more content.

The director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Mariël Koerhuis, will also be on the jury of the WFS Industry Awards, in the category ‘The Best Football Industry Supplier’. These awards have been created to recognize good practices and success stories within the sector and to reward the best professionals in the football industry.


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