Justin Reid-Ross started the Master with a scholarship of ORTEC Sports

On Wednesday September 16th, 2015 South African International hockey player Justin Reid-Ross started the Master in Sports Management at Johan Cruyff Institute. Justin received a scholarship from ORTEC Sports to attend the Master’s program at Johan Cruyff Institute. ORTEC Sports supports Johan Cruyff Institute’s mission to educate athletes to keep them within sports once their active careers come to an end.

Daan Boon of ORTEC Sports says: ” Johan Cruyff Institute means a lot to the sport. Johan Cruyff wants to encourage sport talents to follow an education and we want to help coaches to get the most out of their team and players. Through this partnership, we want to raise sport to a higher level; We offer the scholarship student the smart software and the Cruyff Institute offers their knowledge and experience based education to them. This is why ORTEC Sports gave Justin Reid-Ross a scholarship.”


Justin Reid-Ross is a South African hockey player who made his Interational debut for the South African hockey team in 2006. In 2008, he came to Europe and played for the Belgian team ARA La Gantoise Hockey Club in Gent. In 2010, he moved to Holland and started playing for AMHC Pinoké in Amsterdam. Later on in 2014 he was contracted by Amsterdam H&BC where he currently plays and finished 3rd in the Hoofdklasse with AHBC thereby qualifying for the Euro Hockey League. He also won “the Golden Ball” as top scorer in the Hoofdklasse 2014/2015.

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