Nelli Cooman will start a Master through a collaboration between the Cruyff Institute and Cruyff Foundation

On Wednesday September 16th former Dutch athlete Nelli Cooman will start with the Master in Sports Management at Johan Cruyff Institute. She will attend the Master study with sponsoring of Johan Cruyff Institute in the name of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The sponsored athlete will develop a plan in order of the Johan Cruyff Foundation this year. With this Nelli Cooman and Johan Cruyff Institute supports the mission of its social partner to stimulate more children with and without disabilities in practicing sports.

Niels Meijer, director of the Johan Cruyff Foundation: “A specific feature of the collaboration is that this triangle is based on the vision of Johan Cruyff: “If you can do something for someone else, then you should do that”. We know that Nelli is involved with the disabled sports in particular. Also with her own Nelli Cooman Games. The combination of study with a scholarship of Johan Cruyff Institute and mean something for the disabled sports and the Johan Cruyff Foundation is a great outcome for all parties.”

Nelli Cooman is a former Dutch athlete. At the 60 meters, she is two-time World indoor champion, six-time European indoor champion and won nineteen national titels. Moreover, from 1986 till 1992 she was a former world record holder. At this moment Nelli is a school sport consultant in the municipality of Rotterdam. She is also initiator of the Nelli Cooman Games, a sports festival involving primary school children, the disabled, youth- and top athletes and the chronically ill people.

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