New Program: Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World

In the fast-moving world of marketing and sponsorship, leading marketers must combine intuition with experience and progressive thinking. These are qualities which Johan Cruyff embodied throughout his career as a player, manager and coach.

At Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam we have developed a brand new, original, pragmatic and ‘Cruyffian‘ learning experience, designed for evolving sponsorship professionals with the title: Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World.

The Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World program aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of sponsorship management and the necessary skills to develop a professional career in the world of sport sponsorship.
Richard Denton has developed the program and will be responsible for the lectures. The Englishman has been teaching at Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam since 2012 and has an impressive CV, such as Canon, Philips, Omega, ABN AMRO, Heineken, Unilever, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Formule 1, Volvo Ocean Race, PGA European Tour golf, Ryder Cup, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the Olympic Games.

“After developing the MOOC, the free online course about sponsorships with Johan Cruyff Institute Barcelona and Pep Guardiola, I felt it was time to offer a more advanced sponsorship program for professionals who want to develop further in the field of sponsorship and sport marketing,” Richard explains. “In Amsterdam we have the Master in Sport Management, the Master in Coaching and the Module Sport & Facility / Event Management. Sponsorship is a logical extension to our portfolio. In keeping with our mission of Educating Leaders in Sport Management, we want to contribute to the development of sponsorship professionals.”

Richard will be supported by some interesting guest speakers throughout the program. The program starts on Thursday 20th of April and will be finished by the end of June. The course will be given in English and consists of eight sessions; on campus in Amsterdam and at sporting events, and will even bring you to England for a 2-day study trip to London.

Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World - Johan Cruyff Institute

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“We have developed a program that challenges the students to expand their thinking, be curious, intuitive and apply the material in a pragmatic way for their own needs and development. Our expectations are high and we are confident that Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World will change the way the students engage and create value for the sponsorship industry in future years.”


For more information or to pre-enrol, please click here or contact our program manager Sanne Kleijwegt via

Sponsorship 360 for a Changing World - Johan Cruyff Institute

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