Organizing a world-class sporting event, the theme of our next webinar

Deepak Trivedi, a great expert in organizing major sporting events and strategic management consultant for Tokyo 2020, will be the guest of our next webinar for the Alumni Cruyff Institute network on March 27

Johan Cruyff Institute is organizing a new webinar for the entire Alumni Cruyff Institute network, to be held on March 27 in English. Just one month after the celebration of the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, we will have with us an expert in organizing world-class sporting events. Deepak Trivedi is a professional in the field with many years of experience who, after being part of the strategic consulting team of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, will again contribute his knowledge and expertise to the Tokyo 2020 Games.

The celebration of a major sporting event with global impact is undoubtedly a great showcase for the city that organizes it, as well as providing an important injection of money from tourism and an opportunity to develop new infrastructures or to make existing ones profitable. Who does not want to appear on the calendar of the best sporting events worldwide? What elements should be taken into account so that the equation between investment and earnings has a positive result? Brazil invested $15 billion in organizing the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the most expensive in the history of FIFA. The cost of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was estimated at $4.58 billion. These are just two examples of the money involved in organizing major sports events on a world scale. And the theme of our webinar.

If you are alumnus of our network, sign up for free, and join us in this webinar with Deepak Trivedi, a great expert in organizing major sporting events and strategic management consultant

Webinar: ‘Organizing a world-class sporting event’
Expert: Deepak Trivedi
Date: March 27
11h00: New York
12h00: Curacao
17h00: Amsterdam
20h30: New Dehli
Language: English
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In addition to being a strategic management consultant, Deepak Trivedi is also an educator, adviser and conference speaker. His professional career has led him to work alongside very influential people in the world of business, professional sport and hospitality. He has also worked for some of the most prestigious sports organizations in the world, such as the NBA, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and the International Tennis Hall of Fame at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As a teacher, he is director of Strategic Sports, Hospitality and Tourism, and Sport Marketing modules of MBA programmes in London, Paris, Singapore and the United States.

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