Professor Irsan Widarto to represent Johan Cruyff Institute at SIS Tokyo

Irsan Widarto, a specialist in entrepreneurship and innovation, will give a talk at SIS Tokyo on the application of artificial intelligence in the world of sport

On November 29 and 30, the world of innovation and technology will bring together an important number of specialists within the framework of SIS Tokyo to discuss the latest trends in the sports industry. Johan Cruyff Institute has been invited to participate in the event and Professor Irsan Widarto will be the one to represent the institution on the main conference panel.

Irsan Widarto, a specialist in entrepreneurship and innovation, will talk about “how artificial intelligence, in general, and ‘deep learning’, in particular, will change sport both on and off the field of play. The application of artificial intelligence is not only becoming more and more important in the world of business, health and finance, but also in the sports industry – explains Irsan-. A lot of data is collected and, when the need to analyze them in real time becomes the norm, humans will not be able to process them without the help of artificial intelligence”.

According to Professor Widarto, there already seems to be a successor ready to take over from the VAR (video assistant referee) that has been talked about so much. “It’s called RoboRef. Imagine how it would affect any sport if we could combine all the knowledge of its best coaches into one; or if we could have more control of the fans through the automatic recognition of patterns of behavior or emotions. These are just two examples of how ‘deep learning’ could be applied to sport”.

SIS Tokyo will take place in Roppongi Hills, the technological district of Tokyo where ideas are born and, thanks to the agreement reached with the organizers of the summit, students and alumni of Johan Cruyff Institute can get tickets with interesting discounts.


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