Vasileios Ioannidis and Isabel López, the best projects of the MOOC 2017

As winning projects of the sport sponsorship MOOC, both will receive a full scholarship to study at Johan Cruyff Institute

Vasileios Ioannidis, of Greek nationality, and Isabel López, of Spanish nationality, were responsible for the two best projects of all the proposals presented in this online course organized by Johan Cruyff Institute, in collaboration with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona through  its platform Coursera.

The evaluation committee considered that, among the 47 proposals presented in the course in English and the 96 received in the Spanish version, these were the works that best responded to the challenge presented in the course: the activation of a sponsorship for a Cruyff Court of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. As winners, both students will be awarded a scholarship to study the Online Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Sponsorship at Johan Cruyff Institute.

The multinational video game company Nintendo was the sponsor chosen by Vasileios Ioannidis in his project. In this case, the members of the jury of the evaluation committee considered that “the election of a sponsor like Nintendo fits perfectly with the essence of the Cruyff Courts, since both encourage playing. Being able to combine the phenomenon of video games so fashionable today with the proposal of internal and external activations, maintaining the objective of the case and seeking benefits for both the brand and the Foundation, with an appropriate budget, makes this project a deserving winner.”

Isabel López focused her work on a healthy proposal and Sunny, a company known for selling fruit juice drinks, was the sponsor of her project. According to the jury, “the concept of this project is perfectly aligned with the values of the Johan Cruyff Foundation because both entities want to promote a healthy, social and active life. With the combination of internal and external activations, the project can benefit both parties in their growth”.


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