Julia Müller: German Hockey Team Captain and much more…

Julia Müller, former student of the Master in Sports Management, will be team captain of the German National Hockey Team at the World Cup in The Hague, which will be held between May 31 and June 15. Let’s catch up with her!


I have worked for almost three years for Under Armour as an account manager for the sports brand’s shops and online store. Recently I started working for Brixs Topsport, which specializes in the recruitment and placement of athletes. I combine my job with field hockey. I play for the first team of Kampong (Netherlands) and I’ve been balancing this with preparations for the World Cup with the German national team.

Team Captain

My role as team captain is primarily to be there for the team players, to be focused and to lead the team on the field to victory. I also have a connecting role between the coach and the team players, and I represent the team to the outside world.

I’ve been living in The Netherlands for seven years, where I combine club hockey with playing for the German team. We had about 80 days of preparations for the World Cup in Germany, Malaysia and a few other countries. It is not really hard for me to balance activities; I miss out sometimes on training for my club, Kampong, but I almost always succeed to make it for the matches.

Master Sport Management

I have fond memories of the Master in Sports Management, especially the group atmosphere with people from different backgrounds, all sharing the same goal. We learned so many new things! The ambiance was open, which provided a good base, also for the tougher classes such as Finance, which was quite hard for me.

I experienced the importance of networking and the opportunities it brings; I tried to meet as many people as I could. But most of all, I learned a lot about leadership and teamwork during the last couple of years, and still learning. I noticed the importance of listening to everyone’s needs. In order to work well together, you need to share your needs and ideas in the best way possible to get the best results. This holds true for both sports and work.

We wish Julia all the best with her work and at the World Cup!

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