Olympic spirit at Johan Cruyff Institute’s 2023 graduations

Johan Cruyff Institute puts the finishing touch to another academic year at the graduation ceremonies of the sport management programs in Amsterdam and Barcelona

The setting, the reason and the protagonists invited to live a special night, the culmination of an academic year that closes with the awaited graduation ceremony. The students of the Amsterdam and Barcelona programs enjoyed their graduations in two incomparable settings, the Olympic Quarter and the magical mountain of Montjuïc, where sport and legacy always go hand in hand.

Far from being a farewell, the Johan Cruyff Institute graduation ceremonies have, once again, been a welcome to our big family and an invitation to continue perpetuating the great academic legacy of Johan Cruyff. This was recalled by Mariël Koerhuis, general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, in her speeches, which included references to the figure of our founder and to what was always his desire: to contribute to the professionalization of the sporting world through responsible management, in which commitment, perseverance, good teamwork and responsibility are common attributes in all those who have placed their professional future in our hands.

“Now that you are beginning the next chapter of your journey, armed with the tools and knowledge acquired during your studies, you are ready to make a difference in the world of sport. You have the ability to do so, as well as a great responsibility. As you move forward, remember to stay true to yourself and your passions. Accept the challenges that await you with enthusiasm and a growth mindset. Let your love for sport guide you and always strive to make a meaningful difference in whatever path you choose,” Mariël Koerhuis told them.


In Amsterdam, Richard Denton, academic director of the Master in Sport Management, shared an interesting reflection with the recent graduates and all those present at Frans Otten Stadium:

“Each year we welcome to our master program men and women who want to dedicate their professional careers to the sports industry. They arrive full of enthusiasm to prepare themselves as well as possible to face the challenges of a competitive and constantly changing industry. On their development path, they learn to analyze the sports world from a management perspective, to understand success or failure from a broader perspective. And, of course, we talk about great clubs and athletes. Our students have reached the finish line and I want to remind them something: The only people who fully deserve the GOAT status are those who leave a legacy that changes the sports industry for the better of society. You can be a legend on the pitch but your legacy off the pitch is what really counts. This also applies to all of them. Hats off to all Johan Cruyff Institute Masters’ students!”


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The CaixaForum cultural center in Barcelona, at the foot of the Olympic mountain of Montjuïc, was the setting for the graduation ceremony of the University Master’s Degree in Sport Management, the Master in Sport Marketing and Management Blended and the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona.

The Johan Cruyff Institute faculty and students were joined in Barcelona by members of our academic partners: Judith Panadès, dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Ricard Esparza, academic coordinator of the University Master’s Degree in Sport Management; and Albert Mundet, general manager of Barça Innovation Hub. After a year of sharing knowledge, experiences and illusions, the academic body recognized the effort of all the students who, excited, cheered the speeches of their program delegates. A special ovation was received by Bruno Laborde, whose Uruguayan origins did not prevent him from speaking Catalan “as a sign of gratitude and respect to this wonderful city that has welcomed me, and to my classmates and the institution”, after a speech that gave goosebumps to all present as a delegate of the University Master’s Degree in Sport Management.

The fellowship and the feeling of belonging to a global institution was also reflected in how the students from Barcelona remembered the students from Amsterdam, with whom they shared learning and leisure time during the study trips to Amsterdam and other cities as part of their respective programs, as well as the students who were unable to attend their graduation, but followed the ceremony online via the different social networks.

And to cap off a memorable graduation ceremony, Johan Cruyff Institute wanted to recognize excellence by presenting a special award to the students with the best academic records on the different programs:


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