More women in power

Karen Ephraim, professor of the Master in Coaching, represents Johan Cruyff Institute at the symposium ‘Women in Football: Development, Opportunities and Challenges’, held in Utrecht

Karen Ephraim, professor of the Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam, will participate in a debate on Sunday July 16 within the symposium ‘Women in Football: Development, Opportunities and Challenges’ organized by the Dutch Football Federation KNVB and the Mulier Institute. Karen, who has taught the modules ‘Giving feedback’ and ‘What is my style?’ of our Master in Coaching since 2009, will participate in the session dedicated to ‘More women in power in football’.

Meer vrouwen aan de macht - Johan Cruyff InstituteStatements such as ‘there is no glass ceiling: women mainly make it difficult themselves’ will come under review during the afternoon session. Karen has a clear opinion: “I believe it would be good to actively encourage an interest in girls who have been playing football since they were young for functions like organizing training, refereeing, participating in youth committees and becoming a youth member of the board. But not only with girl teams, also with boy teams. And that can also be in pairs: a boy and a girl who lead a team together. It would be fantastic if it became more natural when we lead an organization together… men, women, young and old, all mixed. And mainly because we know that different composite groups make better decisions!”

The event is organized by the Dutch Football Federation KNVB and the Mulier Institute, in the context of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 and takes place in the Kromhout Kazerne in Utrecht. Afterwards, the Dutch women will play their first match against Norway in the Galgenwaard stadium. During the afternoon, the participants will also speak extensively about the developments in women’s football and the current opportunities and challenges.

Besides Karen, former internationals Daphne Koster and Leonne Stentler and manager of women’s football at the Dutch Football Federation, Minke Booij, will also participate in the plenary sessions. The other guests consist of former female internationals, top female football players and people involved in women’s football.


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