Celebrating the Cruyff Academic Legacy in Amsterdam

Graduates and (former) employees will celebrate the Cruyff Academic Legacy at the Cruyff Alumni Meeting on March 17 in Amsterdam, to reconnect for the future and discuss on diversity and inclusion in sport

For many graduates of the Cruyff Academic network, their days as a student are one of the most important stages of their lives. It is a time where they explore new fields of interest, develop their talents and personality, and become the professionals they are today. During their study time, many forge friendships for life. At the Cruyff Alumni Meeting, which will be held in Amsterdam on Friday March 17, we will celebrate this Cruyff Academic Legacy. The event welcomes alumni and (former) staff members of Johan Cruyff College, Johan Cruyff Academy and Johan Cruyff Institute, and will provide them with a chance to catch up and reconnect for the future.

At the Cruyff Alumni Meeting we will have a debate on ‘Diversity in sport: are we all lined up?’ with six Cruyff alumni and other experts on diversity and inclusion in sports. We will discuss how we can improve the sport environment so that everyone–regardless of their age, disability, background, ethnicity or sexual orientation–can participate and enjoy sport.

Milica Zolak, team manager of Johan Cruyff Academy Amsterdam where the event will be hosted believes that “it is important that we create opportunities for everybody within our academic network, and get together to celebrate the beautiful legacy of Johan Cruyff, because ‘winning is something you do together’.”

In the recent past, we celebrated the Cruyff Academic Legacy at the Cruyff Legacy Summit, and the 20th anniversary of Johan Cruyff Academy. We trust that the upcoming Cruyff Alumni Meeting in Amsterdam, will also be an event where everyone feels proud of being part of the Cruyff Academic network, and will feel part of the mission that Johan Cruyff started in 1999, and that we all together continue today—that more sports people lead the sports sector.


Cruyff Alumni Meeting

Visit the website for further details about the program, speakers and registration for the Cruyff Alumni Meeting, which will be held in Dutch at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Corry Tendeloohuis, Fraijlemaborg 133 in Amsterdam.

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