Johan Cruyff Institute arrives to Nigeria with a program created for the training of young athletes

A total of 66 young football players from the Niger Delta region will receive online training from Johan Cruyff Institute as part of an educational plan promoted by the Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria

The educational programs and philosophy of Johan Cruyff Institute are coming to Nigeria via the Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) and its ‘Dual Career’ program. A total of 66 young football players, between 17 and 20 years old, will receive online training for two months in Football Business Fundamentals, in an initiative promoted by the Nigerian Federation itself

“We are offering our young people the opportunity to combine their sports careers with training, because when athletes have exceptional talent, most of the time they tend to drop out of school. We are very excited about the start of this dual program, due to the appropriateness of its content and because it comes from such a prestigious institution as Johan Cruyff Institute,” says Hon Faruk Malami Yabo, vice-president of International Development for the Youth Sports Federation, and CEO of the NGO ‘To Be Connected Nigeria’.

Johan Cruyff Institute arrives to Nigeria with a program created for the training of young athletes

Brigadier-General Paul Tarela Boroh, Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (in the middle), former National football coach Samson Siasia (on the right) and Dr Pavlos Pavlou, DEED Dynamic (on the left) at the ceremony of launching the programme in Uyo

The work they are doing in Nigeria is part of a comprehensive program promoted by the Office of Presidential Amnesty, YSFON, Deed Dynamic (a consortium of educators and entrepreneurs providing educational projects to various sports organizations in the country) and Sia-One Sports Academy, led by Nigeria’s former national football coach Samson Siasia. “This noble concept of combining the excellence of academic training and professional training in young athletes is a first in Nigeria,” says the YSFON representative.

The concept aligns perfectly with the mission of Johan Cruyff Institute to offer training and a professional path to athletes after their sport careers are over. All the players who will benefit from this program have finished their secondary education studies and are at an important moment in their development as athletes.


Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam uses a rich learning environment that fosters educational tools based on a student interaction model. We aim for a mix of students from sports and business sectors, which also enables students to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. Through ‘Cruyffian’ teaching methods the students will engage actively in creative challenges that require effort, commitment and intuitive thinking. Visit the web pages to find out more about our programs, which we deliver in English:

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