Johan Cruyff Institute holds workshop for AmstelveenSport talents

Johan Cruyff Institute organized a Cruyffian workshop on time management for a group of talents from AmstelveenSport last month

Last month, Karen Ephraim, professor of the Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute, gave a group of talents from AmstelveenSport a deeper insight into time management during a Cruyffian workshop. The young talents, who brought their parents, come from both the sport as well as the cultural sectors. For example, a young model and an actor took part in the workshop.

During the evening, which was organized at Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, questions like ‘what do you find important in life?’, ‘how do you organize your time?’ and ‘does sports bring me everything I wish?’ were asked to give the talents a better insight into how to manage their time in the field of study, leisure and their ‘sport’. At the end of the evening, the talents and parents gave each other some advice about their time management.

Johan Cruyff Institute geeft workshop aan talenten AmstelveenSport

AmstelveenSport is an organization that is committed to ensuring that residents of Amstelveen exercise in a healthy way and works to stimulate and facilitate sports providers, and develop talents and (top) sport in the community. AmstelveenSport implements the sports policy of the municipality of Amstelveen and cooperates with, among others, sport and exercise providers from Amstelveen, and the departments of education, welfare and health to get all citizens into motion. In addition, AmstelveenSport has a separate branch specifically focused on talent guidance, where talented athletes and talents from the cultural sector receive advice and help from Johan Cruyff Institute alumnus Berit Gunderson, and former top ice hockey player Ron Berteling.

Sports services manager and also Johan Cruyff Institute alumnus, Joris van Soerland, found the evening to be a valuable experience: “Experience shows that young talents often face the same challenges with regard to plans and setting priorities. This was the reason why AmstelveenSport organized this workshop. The workshop was a great success, partly due to the input of parents and talents from Amstelveen. It has made both groups think about insights into planning top sport, but also about the advisory role that parents play in this. We look back with pride and enthusiasm on a successful workshop and are happy with the collaboration between Johan Cruyff Institute and AmstelveenSport.”


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