Johan Cruyff Institute opens its doors to a new generation of students aiming to make a difference in the sports industry

Johan Cruyff Institute welcomes the students of the 2020-2021 academic year in Amsterdam and Barcelona, starting a new academic season full of new ideas and projects

In this academic year 2020-2021, Johan Cruyff Institute will welcome more than 600 students from all over the world who, whether studying in on-campus, blended or online mode, have chosen this institution to get academic training and be able to make a difference in the sports industry.

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam held its kick-off yesterday at the Frans Otten Stadium for the students of the Master in Sport Management and Master in Coaching. On September 18, it will be the turn of the Barcelona center, the international headquarters of Johan Cruyff Institute from which all the activity is coordinated, on-campus master’s and postgraduate courses are given and the online training is managed. A good representation of students enrolled in the Official Master’s Degree in Sport Management  with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the Master in Sport Management Blended, the Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Management, the Postgraduate Diploma in Sport Marketing, and the Master in Football Business in partnership with FC Barcelona, will attend the opening event of the new academic year in Barcelona.

With the hope of sharing and enjoying the good atmosphere that has always characterized the start of the academic year at Johan Cruyff Institute, the institution has prepared different activities that will allow us to maintain the essence of our usual welcome events at the start of another special year. “We were really looking forward to having the new students with us. The whole team has worked hard to ensure that our campus meets all the required safety measures and we are ready for another great year of training future leaders in sport management,” says Sanne Kleijwegt, team leader of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam.

Kick off

Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam welcomes her new students (splitted into two groups)

kick off

Time to get to know the professors, staff and fellow students

kick off

The Master in Coaching students are put to work proactively

kick off

The Master in Sport Management students listen to the words of general manager, Mariël Koerhuis

The doors of Johan Cruyff Institute are open to all the new students, giving them access to a large global community of sports people willing to give their best to develop their careers in this exciting industry. A community in which, in the words of the general manager of Johan Cruyff Institute, Mariël Koerhuis, “more than 300 sports entities, composed of federations, clubs, companies and agencies, partner with us to create knowledge and establish connections within the sports industry worldwide. It is an industry that is being challenged right now, and that makes it even more exciting. Our goal is to prepare a new generation that will make a difference in the sport business.”

There is only one way to do this, as the academic director of Johan Cruyff Institute, Victor Jordán, reminds us: “You have to prepare from the first minute to win matches. It is going to be an intense year, with a lot of learning in the classroom, but not only there. The experience of working together with with new colleagues, teachers and guest speakers allows you to build a very interesting professional network, as does attending industry events. Everything contributes to helping you better understand the market and make your experience with us even more valuable.”

Johan Cruyff Institute remains faithful to the mission that its founder, Johan Cruyff, once outlined based on his particular way of seeing the world  and the values that defined him as a person and were present in all his actions— optimism, pragmatism, intuition and common sense. “We are eager and prepared to offer all our students and staff a learning environment that is rich in experiences and safe,” says the director.

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