New call for applications for the Telesport scholarships

The application period for the Telesport scholarships is open for coaches and (former) athletes, interested in studying a Master in Coaching or Master in Sport Management at the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam

Telesport is offering two scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam, one for the Master in Sport Management and one for the Master in Coaching. Coaches and (former) athletes have until July 5, 2021, to apply for the scholarship of their choice. Both programs will start in September

Marcel van der Kraan, chief editor at Telesport: “Telesport, the sports section of De Telegraaf, gives full attention to top talents and elite athletes. Johan Cruyff Institute gives athletes and talented coaches the opportunity to study for personal growth, and also provides opportunities to balance dual careers. By offering the Telesport scholarships, more athletes and coaches will be well prepared for their future and to serve the best interests of sports.”

Dutch elite athletes and coaches such as Merijn Zeeman and Laurens ten Dam (from cycling), Herre Zonderland and Céline van Gerner (gymnastics), Margot Boer and Wouter olde Heuvel (speedskating), and Inge Dekker and Femke Heemskerk (swimming) received Telesport scholarships in the past.


Marcel continues: “Telesport is proud of these remarkable athletes. They all graduated successfully and are well prepared for their future in sport. Johan Cruyff would have wanted it this way! It is a great way for Telesport to contribute to his legacy, by offering the two scholarships each year.”

Johan Cruijff had a strong desire to enable athletes to develop dual careers. He considered athletes to be the best people to lead sports organizations, as they understand the specifics of sport and thus defend the values of sport in business to the utmost. This legacy is the mission of Johan Cruyff Institute, to educate the next generation of leaders in sport.



  • You are a (former) elite athlete or coach, living in the Netherlands.
  • You have the ambition to fulfill a management or coaching role in the sport sector, or you are already working in sport and would like to have greater knowledge and skills.


  • Please send us your CV and motivation letter (maximum 350 words) for the master’s program of your choice —Master in Sport Management or Master in Coaching at the Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam— before July 5, 2021, to
  • Note: The scholarship is exclusively for the Dutch edition of the Master in Coaching. Please send your documents in Dutch, if you are interested in the scholarship for this program.


Sport Management

The Master in Sport Management in Amsterdam is tailored for people with a passion for sport who value professional career development in the sport industry. This 10-month intensive program is delivered in English and explores the most important aspects of management applied in sport, where personal development of each student is key.

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