ORTEC goes for sustainability in sport and offers a scholarship once again

ORTEC offers its eighth Master in Sport Management scholarship; this academic year to employee Mark de Jong

Since 2009, ORTEC, one of the world’s leading providers of optimization software and analysis solutions, has offered each academic year a scholarship for the Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam to a top athlete or one of its own employees. Former top athletes, such as field hockey player Taeke Taekema and volleyball player Yannick van Harskamp have studied the Master program over the past years.

Managing partner of ORTEC, Daan Boon, studied the Master in Sport Management in 2009 himself, which led him to the idea of supporting Johan Cruyff’s vision by means of awarding a scholarship. “His vision to educate the new leaders in sport management is inspiring. We are active in the sports world with ORTEC Sports and therefore we think it’s important to set up something sustainable. We also fully support Johan’s vision to support top athletes both before and after their sports career, by giving them the right knowledge for their professional career.”

“When I did the program myself, I found it fascinating to learn more about all the facets within the world of sport,” continues the Cruyff alumnus. “As a student, I appreciated being able to collaborate with top athletes and other professionals, and learn from each other. My biggest lesson was learning how to work together, because that was not always easy, being an individualist.”

ORTEC goes for sustainability in sport and offers a scholarship once again - Johan Cruyff Institute

Mark de Jong studies the Master in Sport Management with a scholarship offered by ORTEC

This academic year, Mark de Jong is the lucky one. Since mid-September, he has been studying the Master in Sport Management. Mark works within ORTEC for ORTEC Sports. This department collects data from sports matches, which it then processes in a number of ways to offer that to clubs, coaches, technical directors, scouts, analysts and media departments to support them in their daily work.

“It is my job to make the data understandable and to help customers to use these data,” Mark explains. “I think I’m going to learn a lot that I’ll be able to apply in my daily job, like writing a business plan, making strategic decisions and gaining insight into the considerations decision-makers have to take to lead their organization. I’m really looking forward to this year and I thank ORTEC for making this possible!”

Mark will write a business plan during the 10-month Master’s program. After that, he will graduate in June after completing all the modules. We wish him good luck in his job and studies


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