The Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute, recognized among the best in the SportBusiness International ranking

Johan Cruyff Institute’s Master in Sport Management ranks among the world’s elite programs for the ninth consecutive year, according to the prestigious magazine SportBusiness International

The motto that ‘it’s easier to get there than to stay there’ applies at all levels, and in the professional and business world it is especially relevant in terms of achieving objectives. In this sense, the mission that Johan Cruyff set himself in order to professionalize the sports industry and offer athletes a working future beyond their sports career is more active than ever. The Master in Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute has been rated among the best master’s degrees in sport management in the world in the rankings published annually by the prestigious magazine SportBusiness International.

Johan Cruyff Institute is ranked in the top 15 in Europe and 38th out of more than 500 academic sport management programs worldwide. “For all the team at Johan Cruyff Institute, it is a great satisfaction to see year after year the name of our organization among the list of best master’s programs in sport management worldwide. Not only because it confirms the satisfaction of our students, but also because it is a great motivation to continue raising our own standards in our mission to put Johan Cruyff’s vision into practice in the academic field. The world of sport is about competition and teamwork, and it is an honor for Johan Cruyff Institute to continue sharing the field with the best academic institutions around the world in contributing to the professionalization of sport,” says our academic director, Victor Jordán.

In preparing the ranking, the evaluation committee of SportBusiness International takes into account different variables: the satisfaction of former students (a score that encompasses the quality of the support received during the program, the quality of the teaching staff and an assessment of extra-curricular support); if students have obtained a job within six months after graduation; the score each institution is given by its competitors; the percentage of male and female students; the ratio of national and international students; the proportion of ethnic minority students; the program’s value and usefulness when applying the knowledge acquired in the workplace; the average salary received in the three years following graduation, and the career services offered as a parallel service to the master’s degree. This year two new variables have been introduced: ability to network with industry executives while studying and value for money judgement.


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The Master in Sport Management in Amsterdam is tailored for people with a passion for sport who value professional career development in the sport industry. This 10-month intensive program is delivered in English and explores the most important aspects of management applied in sport, where personal development of each student is key.

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