Scholarships Telesport for former Olympians Willeboordse and Gaisah

Telesport offers a scholarship to Ignisious Gaisah and Elisabeth Willeboordse to study the Master in Sport Management and the Master in Coaching, respectively

On Wednesday, September 4, former long jump athlete Ignisious Gaisah and ex top judoka Elisabeth Willeboordse started, respectively, received a scholarship for the Master in Sport Management and the Master in Coaching at Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam. Ignisious and Elisabeth have been given the opportunity to study these master’s programs thanks to the scholarships offered by Telesport. In this way, Telesport contributes to the Cruyff Intitute’s mission to educate top athletes after their sports career for a professional career in sport and to keep their knowledge and qualities within their sport.

Marcel van der Kraan, chief editor at Telesport, explains why these two former athletes have won the scholarships: “Elisabeth Willeboordse practiced judo at an international level. Since retiring, she has been developing her professional career but has not yet found her passion, despite having particularly good studies in medicine and financial security. If you then want to return to the sports industry and do as much as you can to help develop talent, you are incredibly motivated. That is why she deserves the scholarship at the Johan Cruyff Institute like no other.”

Ignisious Gaisah had a special journey to the top of track and field, but also a special path in his life. With so much perseverance, he has a lot to offer in sport management. Johan Cruyff always wanted to give people opportunities. Gaisah is getting his chance now.”

Former Olympians Willeboordse and Gaisah in school desk thanks to scholarship Telesport

Ignisious Gaisah and Elisabeth Willeboordse

Ignisious quit his international career as a long jump athlete in 2018. He was the world indoor champion, won a silver medal during the world outdoor championships twice and participated in two in Olympic Games. The 36-year-old Dutch Ghanaian is very grateful to be able to start the Master in Sport Management. “First of all, I would like to thank Telesport. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of their scholarship. I am determined to make the most out of this scholarship program. My personal goals for the upcoming year are to grow as a specialist in the field of sport management, to increase my level of professionalism, to accumulate more knowledge and continue growing from the professional perspective. I am confident that this program will contribute to this.”

Elisabeth won several medals during her judo career, including two gold medals at the European Championships, one silver and one bronze medal at the World Championships and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. Next month, the former judoka will start as a trainer at the NTC (National Training Center) in Papendal, which she will combine with her current activities as talent developer at the RTC (Regional Training Center) in the South West region. Currently, Elisabeth also works as a physician in the public health service. “My motivation to do this program comes from the fact that I feel that I get too little satisfaction from my current work and that I will be working full time as a coach at the National Judo Federation next month. In addition, I want to learn how I can guide young judokas and experience what it is like to be a coach in the relationship with the talents, but also to apply this in my social life. I am extremely grateful to Telesport for the opportunity to study the Master in Coaching. This program can support and help former athletes after their top sport careers and it is fantastic that Telesport offers these scholarships and pays attention to them in this way.”

Both Ignisious and Elisabeth will graduate in June 2020 if their studies go well.


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