Johan Cruyff Institute confirms continuation of programs as of September 2020

Johan Cruyff Institute and Frans Otten Stadium join forces to be able to offer all programs in a ‘corona-proof’ environment as of September 2020

On March 18, Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam decided to close its doors immediately due to the coronavirus outbreak, with the result that more than 100 students were no longer able to continue their face-to-face classes. In addition, several site visits and events, at Borussia Dortmund and the Conservatorium of Amsterdam, among others, had to be taken off the agenda.

The Master in Coaching programs, of which four different editions were running at the time, and the Module on Sport & Facility/Event Management had to be temporarily put on hold until September 2020. However, the Master in Sport Management program was able to resume via the online platform of the Institute.

After 10 weeks of online classes, the 44 students graduated in early June. Due to the relaxation of the corona measures, it was possible to hold the graduation ceremony in person at Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam. The international students, who were unable to travel to Amsterdam, were digitally present via ZOOM. The students’ family members and friends were also able to witness the ceremony via a Facebook livestream.

In addition, special webinars, online guest lessons and digital activities were organized for all 107 students to complement the programs. The students were also involved in organizing how to implement the online lessons and manage the new situation. This involvement and personal attention resulted in a great deal of solidarity and connection, values for which the Cruyffian education method is well known.

The summer holidays have now started, but all programs that are on hold will be continued from the end of August. The new editions of the Master in Coaching and the Master in Sport Management will start the academic year with an introduction day on September 2. In any case, all groups will have their classes until December in the nearby Frans Otten Stadium. On class days, the large room there will be converted into a classroom, so that teaching can be done safely, maintaining a 1.5 meter distance. Naturally, this is subject to the current situation and measures remaining the same.

Team lead of Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam, Sanne Kleijwegt, is “very happy that we can offer our students face-to-face education again as of September 2020. They can’t wait to start again, just like our team. A word of thanks also goes out to Frans Otten Stadium. Thanks to their flexibility and hospitality we can start up again!”


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