Johan Cruyff Institute, at the Cup final between Feyenoord and Vitesse

Johan Cruyff Institute awarded 14 scholarships to Feyenoord and Vitesse, last season’s league and cup champions respectively, at the first official match of the football season in the Netherlands

Johan Cruyff Institute was very present at the official start of the football season in Holland. The match on Saturday, August 5, between Feyenoord, the league champions, and Vitesse, the cup champions, decided the Champions Cup, the Johan Cruyff Schaal, the first official title of the season. And this is a date on which the Dutch Federation KNVB, as organizer of the tournament, paid a new tribute to the legacy of Johan Cruyff.

Johan Cruyff Institute, the academic initiative of his legacy, joined the party by awarding 14 scholarships (7 per team) to study courses in sport management or football business, which can be done by both staff members and players, and which will be decided by the board of each club.

This initiative adds to several others that Johan Cruyff Institute has been promoting since its beginnings, more than 15 years ago, in order to give training to the football industry. As Johan said: “Who better to serve the interests of the sport than someone who has the heart of an athlete?”

Johan Cruyff Institute, at the Cup final between Feyenoord and VitesseIt is the first year that the match was played in the stadium of the league champions, at the emblematic ‘De Kuip’ in Rotterdam; but the trophy, the ‘Johan Cruyff Schaal’, in the shape of a salad bowl, has been named after Johan Cruyff since 1996. For this year’s match, the Dutch Federation KNVB has presented a new logo to honor Johan as an icon of Dutch football. His silhouette, with his typical pose as organizer on the pitch and the number 14 on the back, is the brand image of the event.

The World of Johan Cruyff, with general manager Carole Thate at the fore, will also have a prominent presence at this event, as will the Cruyff Foundation, which will receive, as a donation, one euro for each ticket to attend the match that is sold.


Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam uses a rich learning environment that fosters educational tools based on a student interaction model. We aim for a mix of students from sports and business sectors, which also enables students to share their unique experiences and learn from each other. Through ‘Cruyffian’ teaching methods the students will engage actively in creative challenges that require effort, commitment and intuitive thinking. Visit the web pages to find out more about our programs, which we deliver in English:

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